July Pop Adventurers

I am glad to announce the Poptropican and Adventurer of July!

The Poptropican is… Sleepy Feather!

Sleepy Feather definitely deserves this. Even though she has been on a really long trip, she has tried her best to stay in touch with us. SF has been working on her own Poptropica story as well, which shows enthusiasm. Good job and congrats Sleepy Feather! 😀

The Adventurer is… fruitbat7777

FB7 (For short) definitely deserves this. He is the only person who actually has had big Adventure Time discussions and that is awesome. I wish we had more big AT fans around here. Good job and congrats fruitbat7777. 😀

To everyone who wasn’t picked, I am sorry. I randomly pick 2 people who have been showing a lot of enthusiasm, helping, creating interesting theories, etc. I do not look to see who hasn’t been chosen yet.

Also, HPuterpop was kind enough to make the ATP a Poptropican/Adventurer of the Month Icon! Thanks HP!!! 🙂

ATP icon monthly importance

Hopefully we will have a page up for the PAM (Poptropica/Adventurer of the Month) soon, however I have been busy and I’m leaving for a week long trip soon. Anyway, congrats to our winners!


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