AT Extra Update

First of all, the Adventure Time Encyclopedia! Here is exactly what Cartoon Network said about it…

The poison pen of Hunson Abadeer inspired The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia panel at San Diego Comic-Con. Author Martin Olson, who portrayed the Lord of Evil on Adventure Time, joined his daughter Olivia Olson (the voice of Marceline), Pendleton Ward (creator of Adventure Time), Kent Osborne (Head Writer on Adventure Time), Rick Blanco (Cartoon Network Vice President), Sean Tejaratchi (Designer), Celeste Moreno and Tony Millionaire (Artists).

Martin led the panel on a tour of the Encyclopaedia, explaining how the book came to be and showing off its unique features. The Encyclopaedia is a dark tome full of mysteries and surprises by Hunson Abadeer, not intended for human eyes. Abadeer, not knowing how to write, first attempted to produce the book using magic. Unfortunately, this had the side effect of trapping a person inside the book, who pleads for rescue by writing to the reader from inside the page!

Finn, Jake and Marceline have all had a chance to preview the book, and you’ll find their notes throughout – especially Marceline’s notes to her dad! Finn even made some of the corners into animated flipbook! Shortly before the fan Q&A began, Kent attempted to read Ice King’s fanzine about Fionna and Cake. Luckily, Ice King Voice Actor Tom Kenney, showed up just in time to read in the voice we all know and lovelike… just know.

The best thing about The Adventure Time Encyclopaedia is that it was made by family and friends. Olivia filled in the margins as Marceline, making fun of her dad. Like Simon and Marcy, Olivia grew up knowing Tom Kenney. Tony Millionaire was given reference art for his work, but turned to his daughters to fill in the details that would make his illustrations perfectly authentic.

Fan Q&A
How did this project come about?
Ward: Martin is the coolest person I have ever met in my entire life, and when they asked me to write this book, I went right to him.
Sean: Celeste, Tony and I have worked with Martin before, and when he asked us if we wanted to work with him on the project, it was any choice.

Can Martin write the Enchiridion?
Martin Olson: That’s up to Pen and Rick.
Ward: Yes, of course. Maybe.

How much of the Adventure Time lore was already in place from the beginning and how much was done over time?
Osborne: The original pilot was written by Pen, but now it comes from a lot of different minds.
Ward: I only developed Finn and Jake for the short. Then, I sat down and played role-playing games to make up the rest.

How long did it take to write the book?
Blanco: It took about four months to do an outline, and the entire process took about a year. Once we got the go-ahead to make the book, Sean started working on the design right away.

Are there any instructions on the Princesses?
Martin Olson: There is a section of the Encyclopaedia called “How to Kiss a Princess.”

Was the episode “I Remember You” as touching for you as it was for us?
Martin Olson: I was touched.
Olivia Olson: I actually have known Tom since I was a kid, and he doesn’t remember that at all.
Kenney: Actually, Olivia did sing at my wedding when she was a kid.
Ward: I had to edit that episode, so I cried because I had to watch it over and over.

What is the cookie in the opening sequence of Adventure Time?
Ward: That’s Adam Muto (Adventure Time Creative Director). I’ve been drawing him like that since we went to school together. I like putting him into things to embarrass him, and now you can see him every episode in the intro.

Is Marceline’s musical empire threatened by the introduction of the catchiest song ever on Adventure Time, Bacon Pancakes?
Olivia Olson: Marceline’s got it. Bacon pancakes is a close second, but Marceline is a true artist, so she’s confident.

I think those questions at the end were from Comic Con. Anyway, I thought the video was kind of strange. 😯 And who do you think “The Candy Man” is suppose to be? IDK… but I totally want that book!

I also wanted to share a more in depth Cartoon Network Comic Con update! Straight from CN:

Special con correspondent Chanelle Peloso explores all things Cartoon Network at San Diego Comic-Con 2013! Follow Chanelle as she talks with fans, tours our super cool Ice King booth, interviews some giant Titans, tackles the Adventure Time ConQueset, AND drops by the Regular Show Regular Zone! Catch all the highlights from Comic-Con 2013.

See you next year, San Diego!

1. Those cos-play outfits were AMAZING!

2. I SO wish I could’ve gone to Comic Con!

3. The Ice King Booth looks pretty awesome!

4. I would’ve loved to get some autographs!

5. That Conquest hunt thing looked pretty fun!

So, that was that! Comic Con looked amazing! (One of my favorite You Tubers: Tobuscus was there too!)

And one more thing! Toby Tuner a.k.a. Tobuscus, has been doing awesome commercials for Cartoon Network. I wanted to show you some of the ones he has made for Adventure Time. Note that these aren’t all of them. (BTW: Toby is in Annoying Orange)

Well, that’s all for now. 🙂 Bye! See ya next Saturday!


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