Adventure Time Update

Hai people! Sleepy Feather signing in for a special Adventure Time update! If you haven’t already seen ‘Too Old’ do not read any further!

So I really enjoyed ‘Too Old’, especially as PB doesn’t seem to appear much in AT episodes any more. I also noticed all the references to the earlier episode ‘Too Young’. This episode really made me hate Lemongrab, and like Lemongrab 2, which makes me seem weird because they’re practically the same person (umm…lemon?). I also really liked Lemonhope; he was a nice addition to the storyline. I also hope, however, that Flame Princess will make a return (but not as Finn’s girlfriend). I don’t think there should be that much romance in AT, because Finn is just fourteen or fifteen, so not old enough for a serious commitment (like a girlfriend). However, I have realized that in the last couple of episodes, Finn has suddenly developed a maturity: “Perhaps age isn’t just a number. Maybe older people are, like, different. You know? Like less fun inside.”

Next episode, according to Adventure Time Wiki, is called Time Sandwich, and is about when Magic Man steals Jake’s sandwich. I didn’t find a preview for this, though, so I’m not sure if they’ll make the next episode a surprise, or release it later. So, what’s your thoughts on the new episode? Do you think Finn should get a commitment like a girlfriend, and if so who do you think he should end up with? And what other things do you want to appear in Season 5.2? So far we’ve had Jake taking over Finn’s body, BMO almost malfunctioning, Marceline finally getting Hambo back, Flame Princess and Ice King fighting (and Finn and FP’s breakup) and Finn trying to get PB back! I, for one, want more deep episodes about, say, more on the Lich’s backstory, or the Great Mushroom War, and also another episode with Fionna and Cake.

Peace out!

~Sleepy Feather

P.S. Fun fact that I found when looking at the related articles/pages – the hambo is a traditional Swedish dance!


12 thoughts on “Adventure Time Update

  1. Thanks for posting the AT Update SF!
    I did like Lemonhope. I liked Lemongrab 2 as well. Although the entire episode was kind of strange for me. I’m just glad Finn came to his senses at the end because I think he should end up with Flame Princess. Sure I’m not a big fan of romance, but I think romance usually helps a storyline. (Have you watched Regular Show recently??? 😯 )

    • You’re welcome!
      I’m not that bothered who he ends up with, because to me AT will always be about a boy and his dog going on adventures. Though I do like how season 5 has had some deeper storyline like Simon and Marcy and the Finn the Human/Jake the Dog episodes. What are you hoping for in the next season?

    • Well I really want more backstory, like everyone else. I want more description on the Mushroom War, how Finn is the last human, more on Ice King, more on Marcy, more on Marcy and PB, more on how things came to be. 🙂

    • My sister keeps up with RS, when i told her about the ATP,she says I should make a RSPop blog,since I’m not a freak about RS,I don’t keep up with what happens,so,yeah my Sister is a Psycho for RS. She even has a HUGE poster of regular show on her side of our room.And why did you type a “Shocked” face? Did something weird happen in RS?

    • Well RS is one of my favorite shows. I don’t want to spoil anything, but some Mordecai/Margret drama happens… 😉

      Also, if you do make a RS/Pop blog, please try to come up with an original title. I feel like Regular Show Pop would be somewhat copying. Sorry, I just am very sensitive about that stuff. Regular Pop sounds cool though.

    • I want Simon to return to his senses, but I know the Ice Crown keeps him alive, so if the magic wears off he’d die.

    • I agree. I actually have thus huge theory for the Mushroom War. And that entire Ice King/Simon storyline broke my heart. It was just so sad.
      Oh, and is it just me, or has the show grown as Finn grew!
      Oh, bad I also want more on Susan Strong, Betty and Peppermint Butler; that guy is creepy.

    • I think everyone has their own interesting theory about the Mushroom War. Same here. It was extremely heart touching.
      Yeah, I agree. Finn has gotten a lot more mature and so has the entire show.
      Yes, I would like more of Betty. I think that’s implied with the whole Simon back story wish thing. Susan Strong isn’t a favorite of mine, but I would like to learn more about her. YES! Peppermint Butler is a favorite of mine. I would love to see the rest of the things hidden up his sleeve. 🙂

    • I have a theory that Fionna and Cake are from early Ooo, and Fionna either is or is an ancestor of Susan. And Marshall Lee is the Lich.
      Oh, and I told you my theory about the reason Ice King likes PB so much is because she’s descended from Betty, right?

    • Hmm… I have to disagree with your Fionna/Cake/Marshall Lee theory. It just doesn’t seem right to me, sorry. 😦
      Yeah, you told me. 😉
      Well, I have to go for now. Cya!

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