Another AT Update

I want to thank SF for posting the update while I was gone! However I have some stuff I would like to add. If you haven’t seen “Too Old” you can still continue reading.

Well the BMO app finally has an update! Sadly the app now costs $0.99. Hopefully you bought it already! Here is what Cartoon Network said:

Yay, Beemo! Thanks to our friends at MO co., Beemo is getting a great big upgrade! Crush it with two new video games. Now you can play Kompy’s Kastle and Conversation Parade! Plus, you can drop your own 8-bit beats on Beemo’s circuit board! All hail the queen. Marceline has been added to Beemo’s soundboard. And don’t forget about Beemo’s other homeboys. The upgrade includes Adventure Time wallpapers for your device! Upgrade Beemo with all of these awesome features now for $0.99. Available in the App Store.

“Beemo” is available for iPad 2, 3, and 4; iPad mini; iPhone 4, 4s, and 5; and iPod touch 4. MSG and Data rates may apply. You must be 18 years or older or have permission from a parent or guardian.

Next, is the most amazing obstacle course ever made! :mrgreen:

Cartoon Network joined forces with the Atlantis Resort to make summer even more amazing. This 9,000 square-foot inflatable Adventure Timeobstacle course features a rainicorn slide, an Ice King swing, a penguin army, and a gigantic Finn and Jake! Check out the time-lapse video of the building of this algebraic activity! And learn more at!

No rainicorns were harmed in the making of this video.

I really wish I was there! It looks awesome! I also found this video, but it was uploaded 1 month ago. I think you should watch it anyway. 😛

It’s basically the same thing, just with the ribbon cutting included.

Now, remember that SW found out that Finn & Jake were in the next Futurama? Well I got to see that episode in my hotel room! Although it’s not what I thought it would be like. The main characters are traveling through this building filled with different creatures because the owner of the building is doing illegal DNA mixtures. (For example she mixed a dog’s DNA with a bird’s and got a flying dog creature.) One of the main characters was stuck in that building (She is a cyclopes so the owner really wanted her DNA.) and the 2 others came to get her out. So here is video of Finn & Jake’s part:

As you can tell, they weren’t really a part of the plot. They were just 2 prisoners. Now if you’ve watched Futurama before you know their “type of funny.” You may also notice that Jake and Bender (The robot) have the same voice actor. 😛

Well, that’s pretty much it for now. Sadly CN hasn’t released the Time Sandwich preview yet. 😦 I will edit it into this post, once it has been released. So be sure to check back here every once in a while!

Wait! I thought of one more thing! Tobuscus’s dog named Gryphon is uploading all the CN commercials (You’ll understand soon). So here is where you can find all of them… (Just click the box marked playlist to view all of them) However there might be some bad words (Not really though.) in this video, so you might want to skip some of it and just click the playlist. Oh and know that they aren’t only AT commercials, they’re all CN shows.

Toby totally looks like a sellout. 😆


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