Download-able! But Where’s the Island?

Download your copy of Virus Hunter: Pandemic Panic!

You read it in serialized form, but maybe you’d prefer to download the complete edition. You’re in luck. The Virus Hunter Island prequel story, “Pandemic Panic,” is now available as a free printable PDF!

Download “Pandemic Panic” now!

And keep an eye out for more announcements about Virus Hunter Island.

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Well, the cover looks awesome! However, I just want the island to come out! I want to learn more about this masked guy! Oh and we will have a page up for this comic really soon.


17 thoughts on “Download-able! But Where’s the Island?

    • Like it? πŸ˜† GS got one for one of his blogs and I thought it was cool, so I got one too! I couldn’t find one that looked like me so I made her and used the voice “Susan” which is the most realistic to me. πŸ™‚

    • Yes! Its a nice addition to the blog! I would post or make a side note about it just for new viewers so they learn more about it. Are you going to add a Susan to the OAC too?

    • Thanks! Well, since you like it on here I might try to find one that looks more like me so I can put it on the OAC. Maybe I could find one for SW too and have 2 on there. πŸ™‚

    • It could because they usually release islands on thursdays,… but that would mean setting a countdown timer on the page tonight. Or they may not have one.

      The other day I realized that basically the whole summer was just waiting for virus hunter island to come out. I really hope its worth it.

  1. SD, I have some bad news. My family is getting rid of our cable, so now I can’t watch any Adventure Time. Unless I find a way to watch them online or wait until they come on dvd, I won’t be able to contribute to any new episodes. Sorry 😦

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