Color “Sounds” Great!

You might’ve already seen that I updated the last post. Well, this post includes that updated info and more!

First, you’ve probably noticed the Voki, Susan on the sidebar. The voice isn’t the best, but I thought it would be cool. πŸ˜‰

Secondly, Virus Hunter Island is now in color!

poptropica sneak peek vhi 14

I think this means other islands will be in color soon too because I’ve also found that 24 Carrot Island is in color!

poptropica update 24 carrot island 3

I personally like it, even though most maps aren’t in color. But that’s not all! When you visit 24 Carrot Island, it has a bigger screen and sound!!! Plus, the cursor is the one from other islands! WOO! :mrgreen: Although there are still some things being worked on, I can tell. The Items on 24 Carrot have been updated since the Beta:

poptropica update 24 carrot island 4

So there is now the items, store items, and whatever the clock is going to be.

Please tell me what you think of all this! Just remember, everything is still under construction. πŸ™‚


6 thoughts on “Color “Sounds” Great!

  1. It isn’t working on my non-member account. I went to the map and went to the colored 24C, but it’s the exact same as before.

  2. Also, i had to refresh my page while i was still on 24 Carrot and i went to the home page (on my account) and on the top left with the blue arrow it showed not where on the island i was but the title with a cool background of the rabbot. πŸ™‚

    • Also the clock means limited members only items (if you didn’t find out already) This is so exciting! I love everything about the new stuff even more than at the beta test! I love the music!!

  3. I like your post title! You know, I bet that the colored islands are the ones with the extra features, like bigger screen, etc. It will be really cool when all the islands will be like that!

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