A “Tough” Guest

If you saw the last post, I mentioned something special that TS helped me with. Well, the time has come for me to show you that thing! Dun-dun-duh!

Here… it… is! The second episode of The Spotted Show! WOO! 😀

ATP The Spotted Show

Intro Voice – Welcome to The Spotted Show, with your host… Spotted Dragon!

*curtains open*

ATP The Spotted Show Room

SD – Sup my spotted peeps! Glad to be here again! I hope you like my show so far! So I bet you’re wondering who tonight’s guest is! He sounds tough, he sounds like he’s got eight legs, he is… Tough Spider! Here he is folks!

*audience applauds*

TS – Hello everyone! Glad to be here, although I do not appreciate the comments about the spiders. I’m actually arachnophobic. Playing through “Scaredy Pants” on Game Show Island was not very fun for me…

*audience laughs*

ATP The Spotted Show Room - Tough Spider

SD *chuckles* – Well, that’s ironic! How did you manage to beat it?

*TS turns pale*

TS –  Uh… I’d rather not say…

SD – Oh, okay… Anyway, I thought we could talk more about your story; Poptropica Universe. You work with Fearless Fox in writing it and you post it to the PTFP. Can you explain it a bit to the viewers that haven’t read it?

TS – Sure! It’s an ongoing story that has regularly posted episodes. It is posted on the PTFP, but our official site is http://poptropicauniverseofficial.wordpress.com , and we desperately need more views! It’s an action story that is based around a Poptropican named Cool Smarticle and her adventures to try to stop OWL, a villainous organization that is wants to rule the world!

ATP The Spotted Show Room - TS - PopU

SD – Thanks! I’ve read all the episodes so far and I love the story! Do you think you could give everyone here a sneak peek? I hear there is going to be a second Poptropica Universe Series called Legend of the Swords. Maybe a sneak peek of that?

TS – Well, the second Poptropica Universe Series isn’t going to come out for a long while. There’s a pretty big plot twist the finishes off season one, and giving a sneak peak of the second series would be a massive spoiler. So I’ll just say that not everything will be as it seems.

*SD sighs*

SD – Well, I understand. But maybe a blurred out picture of what might happen later in season one? Or possibly a sketch of a scene coming up soon?

TS – There’s always the old sneak peak FF and I posted awhile ago. That still hasn’t happened yet in the story. All names are blanked out, but you might be able to figure some of them out. You can see that at http://poptropicatips.com/2013/06/09/poptropica-universe-sneak-peek/

SD – Thanks, that’s awesome! I’m sure the Pop U fans in the audience appreciate it. 😉 So, what’s it like writing a story with someone else? Do you mostly agree on the same things, or is there a lot of arguing about what will happen?

TS – We usually agree, although sometimes we actually confuse each other about what we think should happen. Oh, memories of me spending half an hour trying to figure out FF’s idea for the plot twist and FF and I screaming at each other in the chat. 🙂

*SD & audience laughs*

SD – Well, the story has turned out great so far! Seriously, you and FF are very creative. How do two come up with everything? I’m sure some of the audience members would like some tips.

TS – Actually, at first it was a bit of a struggle to include all of the characters that signed up. It took us the longest time to come up with how to fit SC into the whole story, and there were some characters that were forced to make very late entrances. Sorry Magic Star and Cheat Dude! Cheat Dude will probably come in around episode 10, but Magic Star probably won’t be until 13 or 14. 😦 So I guess my biggest tip would be to think about your characters first and let the plot work around them, not starting with a very complex storyline and then forgetting about the characters.

SD – That’s good advice. 🙂 Looks like it’s commercial though.

Intro Voice – We’ll be right back, after this!

Eat fresh donuts from Mike’s Market! They’re the freshest donuts in all of Poptropica and they’re on sale now! Get them before they’re gone!

ATP The Spotted Show Ad 2

Kids love them and adults will love them too because they contain less sugar than normal! So head on down to Reality TV Island to find them!

Intro Voice – Welcome back to… The Spotted Show!

*audience applauds*

SD – Sup my spotted peeps! Glad to be back! If you’re just tuning in, I’ve been talking to Tough Spider here, mostly about FF and his story; Poptropica Universe. However I think it’s time to talk about something else. Is there anything specific you would like to talk about TS? Would you like to ask me something?


*TS stares at the screen where the dounut ad just played*

SD – Uh… TS?

TS *dreamily* – I like donuts…

SD – TS!

*TS jumps back*

TS – What?

SD – The interview? Do you have any questions for me?

TS – Oh, yes. I do have a question for you. What’s it like working on so many blogs at once? I’m considering joining a few blogs that have requested me to be an author/editor, but I’m afraid of getting swamped with tons of comments to read and tons of posts to make while trying to work on Poptropica Universe and trying to manage my real life.

*audience gasps*

TS – Yes, believe it or not, I have a life besides Poptropica blogs. -_-

*audience giggles*

SD – Well, I work on six blogs at the moment. It is kind of hard, especially since school has started. Sadly, I think I might have to quit one or two of them. I think four is probably a good amount of blogs to work on, if you like being a bit busy, but not too busy. Although it depends if the blogs are busy blogs or not. It isn’t too bad working on four sites, although it also depends on how committed you are to them. It depends on how busy your real life is too. As you can tell, there are a lot of variables. For you, considering you’re committed to Pop U, I think three blogs would work.

*audience applauds at the detailed answer*

SD – Oh, thanks. For me, since I’m an indoor person and only go places when either my mom makes me or my friends beg me to come out, I get a lot of computer time. However I do have after school actives and my brother shares my computer. So, you can probably judge the right amount for you. That goes for everyone in the crowd as well. I actually get bored sometimes when I have nothing to do online. 😉

*audience laughs*

TS – Hmm… my life is pretty busy. Maybe just one more blog would be good for me. I should start reading some of the other blogs, too. I don’t know why I rarely ever go away from the PTFP and take a look at ATP or TI’s blog, for example.

SD – I would love if you spent more time viewing the ATP! I always enjoy your opinions at the PTFP at least. Well, it looks like we have a bit more time left! I would love to get to know the real you better! Is there anything important that the viewers and I might want to know about you?

TS – My very detailed Gravatar Account says that I like politics, Poptropica, Pokemon, DDR, reading, playing my violin, and playing on my DSi. Is there anything from that list that you/the readers would like to know more about?

SD – Well, you sound like an awesome guy! I would love to see you in real life. Let’s see… does anyone in the crowd want to learn something about TS?

*a huge commotion starts and hands get raised everywhere*

SD – You miss, right in front. What’s your name and your question?

ATP The Spotted Show Room - Audience Question 1

SP – Hi! Oh my gosh, I didn’t think I would get chosen. I’m Silly Popper! 😳

*SP blushes*

SP – Okay… um… I guess I would like to know if Mr. Spider really is tough, like his name implies.

*audience gently applauds*

TS – No, I’m not. Does your name being silly make you silly? I don’t see any spots here on Spotted Dragon. Names don’t really mean anything. Some names don’t even make sense. I have a friend who’s name is Loud Ice.

*audience laughs*

SP – Yeah, I guess you’re right… 😳

*SP blushes – embarrassed about her question*

SD – Thanks for the question Silly! Looks like we’re almost out of time. Anything special you’d like to do on live TV before we go Tough?

TS – Oh yes! Just one thing.

*clears throat*

TS *Lemongrab’s voice* – This recording studio is in UNACCEPTABLE CONDITION! UUNNNAACCEEEPPTAABLLEE!!!

*SD & audience laughs*

SD *giggly* – Nice impression! Well, it’s time to go. 😦 I had fun and I hope everyone else did too! Stay Spotted! 😀

*audience applauds*

*TS & SD smile and wave at the camera as the screen fades to black*

Intro Voice – And that concludes Episode 2 – A Tough Guest of The Spotted Show, with your host… Spotted Dragon!

I hope you liked it! Visit our The Spotted Show Page to see the other episodes! 🙂 I also hope you like the poster I made for The Spotted Show! I told you I would make posters for the other stories. 😉



13 thoughts on “A “Tough” Guest

  1. note: call me mc.
    FINLLY! *ned comes* ned: XD OMG BETTY!
    tough spider: betty is not here!
    me: ts, come down.
    ned: ok… *leaves*

  2. SD, if you look at today’s daily pop sneak peek “Go into the Light” and the one before it, “Shroom Available”, they both look like something to do with mining and caves, and those little crystal figures. I wonder what those are?

    So I have been thinking about all the sneak peeks lately and all the different islands there could be. Here is what I came up with:

    1.Create your own Dream Island, with the sneak peeks of designing screens and stuff. For everyone to create their own island using the Story Board Creator. It goes well with the contest, since it gives people who didn’t win a chance to create their own dream.

    2.Mine Shaft Cave Island, a lot of different pictures of poptropicans with hard hats mining through with cave man drawings, and everything. Who knows what the Creator’s are up to there!

    3. Poptropolis rises again! There has been sneak peeks from awhile back of poptropicans skiing, with erupting volcanoes and underwater head statues of the games from Poptropolis. My guess is that it will be back for the Olympics.

    4.Monster Carnival Island, the only evidence on this island is the soundtrack Carnival Ride.

    Also, remember the one poptropican with the crown and red eyes? Who is she? She showed up again (kind of) in “Go into the Light” with white hair and creepy eyes… Wait… I remember a sneak peek with two or more poptropicans with creepy eyes… Does that have something to do with the cave man stuff?

    • If you go back in the sneak peeks for a little bit there is the picture of the two poptropicans, called Blank Stares. The woman looks like the woman in Go into the Light but without the crown.

    • If you go back even more, there is a sneak peek called “Home on the Strange” which looks like moles living underground. There is also one called “Fisheye” showing the crown red eye lady in a sports jersey, and then the one before that is “Go with the Flow” And shows what might be Poptropolis, with a poptropican. Above the man says Avatar @ 75%. Does that mean like online multiplayer, showing people’s usernames, or is it a health level?

    • Hmmm… interesting. I’m not sure if I agree with your first island possibility. Although I’m not sure what those daily pops were hinting at, so you might be right. I think they might’ve just been hinting at the Create Your Dream Island Contest, but like I said, I’m not sure. 😕

      The Mine/Cave Island thing, I agree with. There have been a lot of mine shaft and cave related daily pops. Some with Caveman/Cavewoman looking Poptorpicans.

      I agree with Poptropolis returing, but I’m not sure what it’s going to be like. We have seen a lot of underwater Poptropolis stuff and even a Black Flags Flag on a boat.

      Monster Carnival Island has been a mystery for a long time. I don’t really know what to say about this one because I’m clueless. 😛

      I don’t know who that woman we’re seeing is/is going to be, so I guess we’ll just have to wait to find out. 😉

    • And if you go back even MORE, you can see a sneak peek called “How A Bot That” Which shows robots. I thought they may be for Virus Hunter (though they weren’t) Does that mean Legendary Swords? Early robots for Game Show? And going back even more, there is one titled “Drones” One man has a sleep mask thing on. Are they for something new, or are they just like Super Villain Island, going into dreams, but without villains? And then go back once and there is one called Captain’s Courageous, which is the famous poem O Captain! My Captain! with some teacher notes on it. It always reminds me of Shrink Ray Island, but with a different teacher. Go back 2 more, and there is one called “Mount Improbable” With the crown lady (again) and Mt. Funshine. That might go with one far ahead with two park patrol people. Go back farther and there is one called “Higher Learning” with a poster in the background of poptropican Shakespeare. Go back farther and there is one called De-Coded, which I thought was like Virus Hunter, where it escaped the body and glitched the island. But it isn’t. Was it early thinking for VH or is it for Create Your Dream Island?
      (Sorry about all this thinking 😳 I had a brain boost thing this morning)

    • Well, I believe that Legendary Swords News will be coming up soon. I’m not sure about all that other stuff though. It’s a lot to think about.
      Don’t be sorry for having theories! I love talking about theories with people. 🙂

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