Grooving to Poptropica music – not just on VH Island


I don’t normally re-blog posts, but this one is really cool and I wanted you guys to see it.

Looks like the other islands will be updated, like 24 Carrot and Virus Hunter! For those of you who liked Twisted Thicket a lot, looks like that island is next, so yay!


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Virus Hunter Island is the second to be released with music, sound effects, and a bigger screen (after 24 Carrot, which everyone can now play with the new features). While poking around, I found the man behind the music – Jeff Heim, Poptropica’s music composer, has been busy making music for Poptropica and has even posted some samples on Soundcloud (I hope there’s more to come!):

We’ve heard some of these tracks on 24 Carrot Island, but there’s a few in the mix that suggest Twisted Thicket will be the next to get an upgrade. Also, could the “Carnival Ride” track be an indicator for Monster Carnival Island? Either way, this new music sounds pretty awesome!

Lastly, if you’re…

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8 thoughts on “Grooving to Poptropica music – not just on VH Island

  1. I found out how to listen to it without being on Poptropica BEFORE PHB… I just didn’t post it, because I thought it was a fluke, and that everyone would call me a liar… WHY DIDN’T I POST IT!?!?!?!?

  2. THAT IS SO COOL!!!!!!!!! Do you think the Carnival Ride is for Monster Carnival, like Slanted Fish said? If they did make the island, they would have to change the story line. Remember that one Creator post with the notebook for Monster Carnival and they used zombies? Well they have Zomberry Island, so they would have to change it. But that would be awesome!!!

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