Forgotten Islands…?

Announcing Poptropica: Forgotten Islands for iOS!

We’re thrilled to announce Poptropica: Forgotten Islands, an all-new Poptropica adventure for iOS. For the first time, Poptropica will be playable on your iPhone or iPad!

Poptropica: Forgotten Islands is an original, standalone game from our friends at Ubisoft, the same people who brought you Poptropica Adventures for Nintendo DS. It will take you on a journey to discover the secrets of Poptropica’s buried past, one artifact at a time. Explore new islands, meet new characters, and take to the skies in a powered-up blimp that gains new abilities as you play! With each new island group, you’ll uncover the hidden history of Poptropica’s forgotten islands.

Poptropica: Forgotten Islands is coming this September and will be playable on iPhones and iPads. We’ll have all the details right here!

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😯 Oh my gosh! I bet none of us saw this coming! First the BMO app, now this! Awesome! 😀

It’s called forgotten islands though. Could we be able to play Monster Carnival Island? There was that old post about some ideas of Monster Carnival Island. And Captain Crawfish said stuff like “You never know, I guess.” in that post. Could that have been hinting at this app?

The post above also says something about upgrading your blimp. What could that be about? Time will reveal the answers, I guess. 😉



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