Some A-Z Characters

Take an alphabetical journey through the Land of Ooo! From Ash to Zap, check out the best and worst characters from Adventure Time! Which letter will be your favorite?














Who would you put on your A-Z list?

What? I post Poptropica Creator’s Posts, so I thought I should post Cartoon Network-Adventure Time Posts too. Of course, not all the characters are listed. You might not even know all these characters! So here’s some help…

  • Ash – Marceline’s ex-boyfriend.
  • BMO – The awesome video game system.
  • Cinnamon Bun – Flame Princess’s right-hand-man and best friend.
  • Door Lord – A tricky fellow who steals stuff to teach lessons.
  • Earl of Lemongrab – A sour guy who has recently gained some weight.
  • Finn – The last human in Ooo and main character. Duh.
  • Gunter – Ice King’s awesome penguin.
  • Hunson Abadeer – Marceline’s dad.
  • Ice King – A normal dude who happened to turn crazy.
  • Jake – A magical dog and main character. Duh.
  • Key-Per – A guy who was in charge of the first trail to an awesome prize. He also wears devil pjs.
  • LSP – A feisty lumper.
  • Me-mow – Last seen flying first feather on a bird.
  • Neptr – Finn is his Creator and Ice King is his father… weird.
  • Old Lady Princess – Who knows how she’s alive.
  • Princess Bubblegum – Ruler of the Candy Kingdom, with a chewy fist.
  • Quilton – Best pillow of them all.
  • Rainicorns – Rainbow-Unicorns. What’s good-er than that?
  • Snow Golem – Has a kind heart and I fire pup friend.
  • Tree Trunks – Creator of the best apple pies know to Ooo.
  • Undead – Marceline’s Zombie Poodle, named Schwable. What, you didn’t know that??? Click here then!
  • Vampire – Marceline is a vampire queen.
  • Wildberry Princess – She has her own line of juice boxes. Kinda weird…
  • Xergiok – Ex-Goblin King.
  • Young Ice King – You know, Simon Petrikov, the scientist.
  • Zap – Seen in “Freak City” as an arm, while Finn was a foot. Stupid Magic Man…

Well, that’s that. Schwable is awesome. 😛

Get ready for Time Sandwich, which airs Monday!


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