21 thoughts on “TNPT Issue 26 – TMT 25

  1. I agree with SD when she says that Aaa is probably in the Ice King’s imagination, but SF is on to something with the “catch her crazy” talk. If the Ice King knew the power the crown held, why wouldn’t he do something about it?

    Also, a question. At the end of Simon and Marcy, he says
    “I love you… Gunther.” Doesn’t that show that the crown was already forming him into what now is the Ice King? If that’s true, then aren’t the penguin Gunther named from Marcy? Where did the name Gunther come in the first place?

    • Perhaps before Betty left…they were engaged…maybe Betty was pregnant, and they were wondering what to call the kid…perhaps Betty wanted to call it Gunther if it was a boy?

    • ~Simon calls Marcy Gunter in ‘Simon and Marcy’
      ~Marceline has the name Gunter on her diary in ‘Marceline’s Closet’.
      ~Ice King’s crying pattern in ‘Holly Jolly Secrets’ – every thirteenth tear reveals a picture of Gunter. The thirteenth letter of the alphabet is M.

    • Hmm… I never really thought about it that deeply. SF might be onto something with the whole kid naming thing. Heck, we don’t even know Gunter’s gender. It’s all so confusing. 😛

  2. My Response to FB’s Theories:
    I think that FB might be on to something with the whole discovering gold thing. There could be a lot of riches in the series of underground caves (Gold, diamonds, etc) and some explorers want them. However there is either a cave in, or those totem things are like guardians of the sacred cave or whatever and you have to save them. Something like that. 😛
    What do you guys think???

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