What’s New in the Poptrooo World?

Do you like the title? I like the title. Poptrooo is a mashup of Poptropica and the Land of Ooo, in case you didn’t already notice. In fact, I also like this post, because it mashes up awesome Adventure Time news and phenomenal Poptropica news. Are you ready? Let’s start with posts on the Creator’s Blog, starting on September 9th and ending September 12th, from top to bottom:

Virus Hunter Island “X-Ray Visor” now available!

There’s a new item available in the vending machine on Main Street of Virus Hunter Island: the X-Ray Visor! Pick it up and press the spacebar to find out what your fellow Poptropicans are made of.

avatar image

Cool! I’m going to check that out!


Uh oh, I thought they said this was going to be heartwarming! I don’t like the looks of this at all…

avatar image

*sigh* Another one of those pointless Island Sneak Peek posts. On a side note, who here has completed Virus Hunter?

Poptropica shirts: a nice surprise in any size!

The Poptropica Shop is your one-stop destination for all things Poptropica, including customized shirts with your avatar on them. But even though mostly kids play Poptropica, there are also some young-at-heart Poptropicans who wished that we offered these shirts in adult sizes.

Good news: we now offer shirts in adult sizes!

That’s right, more people than ever can now enjoy a Poptropica shirt customized with their very own avatar. Visit the Poptropica Shop today to find the right fit for you!

avatar image


Now my entire family can get Sleepy Feather shirts!

We’re still waiting for your Island idea!

We know what you’re thinking. Entries for the “Create Your Dream Island” contest aren’t due until December 31! You’ve got all the time in the world to come up with a great new Island idea.

Well, think again. It’s already practically the middle of September. You know how the fall goes. You get all caught up in schoolwork, hanging out with your friends, and thinking about the holidays. Before you know it, it’ll be the end of December and you’ll be cursing yourself for slacking all these months when you could have been putting together the winning entry.

We can’t guarantee that you’ll win if you enter. But we can guarantee that you won’t win if you don’t enter. So what are you waiting for? Get your official entry form from our friends at Penguin, or in your copy of the Island Creator Kit.

Time’s a-wasting!

avatar image

And now for the Adventure Time news. Some of you may already know it, some of you may not. Are you ready? Here goes:
The Adventure Time creators have announced that AT will have a one-hour special, so basically a movie. Nobody knows anything about it, but it’s believed that it will air after Season 5. What do you think will be in this movie? Perhaps we get more back story on the Great Mushroom War, perhaps Finn and Jake will meet Fionna and Cake, perhaps some characters will get more back story (the character I want back story for now the most is Peppermint Butler – I’m convinced he has a lot more to him than what meets the eye)…who knows?
Also, I watched ‘Lady and Peebles’ for the first time the other day, and I was terrified. Imagine if Lady had been hurt – she could have had a miscarriage. What Ricardio was doing to them…ugh, I don’t want to see anything like that in real life. It was easily the first of the more teenage AT episodes.
Bless your face. If you sneezed during this post, bless you. Peace out!
(P.S. If anyone can guess where my new sign-off comes from, you’re awesome. Automatically. SD, you can’t guess, because I know you know where it comes from.)

5 thoughts on “What’s New in the Poptrooo World?

  1. 1. Cool title. 😎
    2. Where did you learn about this AT movie??? SOUNDS AWESOME! :mrgreen:
    3. Is it okay if I take out the stuff about Time Sandwich and the Vault? I’ve been working on an AT Update already. Sorry, I’m a total control freak. I’ll put your opinions in my post though. 😦
    4. GAH! I really want to guess! 😛 I’m fine with you using quoted sign-offs like that occasionally because even I do that, but make sure not to use it all the time. I just feel that it’s copying him a bit. 😉

    Awesome post SF, thanks for helping me out on what I missed. 😀

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