VH & More Merchandise: Coming Soon

Bonus payout

We’re all excited about the public launch of Virus Hunter Island this Thursday. Finally, the next generation of Poptropica will be available to everyone!

But even if you’ve already played Virus Hunter Island, there will be something new for you to enjoy. On Thursday, we’ll also be releasing a brand-new bonus quest that takes place after the Virus Hunter Main Quest. You’ll once again take control of your ship and help to save a sick dog from the evil — and icky — heartworm.

We’ll let you know the moment that Virus Hunter Island becomes available to everyone!

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So not only will VH Island be available to everyone soon, the bonus quest will also be released! Sadly, my membership expired a couple days ago. Hopefully Samwow5 will make a Bonus Quest Guide, considering he wrote our awesome Virus Hunter Island Guide (Thanks for all your help Sam!).

Now, there is also something up on the Creators Blog that we don’t usually see… A poll! What for exactly? See for yourself:


Cool, right? Looks like we’ll be getting more Poptropica Merchandise soon! Now, Poptropica already used to sell iPhone Cases, but had to stop making them for some reason. Thankfully, they might be back soon! I personally want Birthday Party Supplies the most (Then an iPhone Case & Water Bottles), but right now iPhone Cases are winning. But what do you want to win and what are you waiting for? Click here to vote!!! Oh, and you can even vote for multiple choices! Just hurry because there are only 9 days left to vote. 🙂


One thought on “VH & More Merchandise: Coming Soon

  1. SD! I had my membership canceled even though I didn’t say for it to! At first I thought that I wouldn’t need the membership for awhile since I finished VH, but then the bonus quest comes out!

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