Adventuring BMO Style & Spooky News

(If you want to see the video that goes with this post CLICK HERE! We couldn’t find a version that could be embedded, sorry.)

Tap into adventure with Finn and Jake in Legends of Ooo! Search for clues and explore the Land of Ooo in 2 algebraicAdventure Time quests!



Journey through the Grasslands, Ice Kingdom, Fire Kingdom, Mystery Dungeons, and the Library of Ooo to help Finn and Jake complete their perilous quests!


Think you can crack BMO’s firewall? Put your skills to the test with new mini-games!


The app includes original voiceover from some of your favorite Adventure Time characters like Finn, Jake, BMO, Lumpy Space Princess, and Flame Princess!


Once you beat “The Library of Doom,” you’ll unlock a special version of the game narrated by everyone’s favorite hardboiled detective, BMO! It’s red hot like pizza supper!


Episode 2 – The Library of Doom

Lumpy Space Princess’ tell-all book revealed a few too many secrets—like the password to Lumpy Space! Now it’s up to Finn and Jake to save the day. Available for $0.99!

Episode 1 – The Big Hollow Princess

The Ice King used some extra frosty Ice Magic to freeze Hot Dog Princess, Slime Princess, and Princess Bubblegum! It’s up to Finn and Jake to break into the Ice King’s Castle and rescue the damsels from their cold distress! Available for FREE!


Available for iPhone 4, 4s, and 5; iPad 2, 3, and 4; iPad mini; and iPod touch 4 and 5.

BMO is awesome. 😛 At first, when I saw this, I was all Oh yeeeaaah! But then I noticed in app purchases and I was all come on dude!

Okay, okay, so now onto some spooky news I have for you guys. Since you’re on the ATP right now, you’ve probably noticed this already. If you haven’t noticed it… uh…………… never mind. Anyway, I finally finished our new header, at the top of this page. Hope you like it and get’s you in the Halloween spirit! If you saw, I dressed myself in dark colors instead of my usual red t-shirt and kind of made myself look like a ghost. 🙂


Also, we have a new background! I usually try for a blue background because I think it looks good, but I also think the blue just getting old. So i went for green! If you’re wondering, it’s specifically grass from Adventure Time. I wanted our background to look like just one big picture too, instead of what it really is; multiple pictures (I hate that we can’t just enlarge it to one big picture!!!). Anyway, I hope you like that as well.


I would love all of your opinions on the changes!!! 😉


10 thoughts on “Adventuring BMO Style & Spooky News

  1. I agree with SW, its looks awesome! (BTW, I actually first read this post through email, and so I didn’t notice it until I came to the site!) Sorry I haven’t been commenting in a while. School has a LOT of work!

    I can’t wait for Poptropolis! I knew it would come back!

  2. I think it looks great! I’m planning on making a header for Halloween too. 🙂 I probably won’t have time this weekend because I have to do a PowerPoint, essay, and a Prezi… O_< Anyway, I mean it. The header is awesome!

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