Our Spooktacular Party!

Party time everybody! I know we didn’t have a big Halloween costume contest, so I wanted to celebrate the spooktacular holiday another way!

ATP party 2

First, I want to thank Samwow5 for letting us use his Xat site. 🙂

If you don’t live in the EST time zone, use this time converter to find out what time the party is for you. (EST is sometimes called EDT as well.) Please check back here every day though because some of the information may change!

The party will most likely spread onto a Poptropica Room. Maybe we’ll have a little Halloween themed doodle contest! I hope you can come! 😀 (I guess this is kind of celebrating our new author too!)


9 thoughts on “Our Spooktacular Party!

  1. Awesome! And congratz Fruitbat7777! You deserve it! 😀

    I might not be able to attend the party though. :/ 😦

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