Are You A Good Detective?

Spot the Difference!

(Click the image to see a larger version)

What the huh? These two Adventure Time pictures might look the same, but they’re not! Look closely, and you’ll see 20 hidden differences. Will you be the first to find them all?

So can you find them all? You’re welcome to comment where they are! 😀



2 thoughts on “Are You A Good Detective?

  1. 1. no backpack
    2. some lilipads are missing in the pond
    3. There’s a telescope in the red balcony in the first one
    4. In the first one, there’s someone on the pathway
    5. Red flag’s missing
    6. There’s a pink thing by the slides
    7. A blue thing is missing on the far left part of the tree
    8. Mountain peak is missing
    9. There’s a shrub missing
    10. There’s a cloud missing by the far right part of the tree.

    • 11. Circular thing on building in the front
      12. There’s a stepping stone missing
      13. There’s another blue thing missing in the main tree
      14. White thing on top of middle small part of tree

      That’s all I can find for now. The reason I didn’t know what a lot of things were is because
      1. I don’t watch AT
      2. I didn’t want to cheat by zooming in

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