Third Post Of The Day…

Snack Attack!

There’s a new game on Poptropica. Try it out, but beware. Getting snacks for a friend has never been so dangerous!

Hint: To find it look for the kid with a star on his shirt.

Go give it a try on Zomberry Island!

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I know, I know, third post of the day. I guess that’s kind of a lot. Hey, not our fault a ton of stuff has been going on! 😛

Anyway, I wonder what it’s about…

EDIT: I found it! The kid with the star on his shirt isn’t the kid in the picture above. What the Creators are referring to is the Steven Universe Ad. Find it on islands, such as Zomberry. To win just make it to the store to the left, get some cookies, and bring them back. But watch out for the monsters along the way! They’ll eat your cookies if they catch you! If you win you get a customizable Steven Costume and the Crystal Gem Power (Once used, it will show the main characters of Steven Universe). 🙂




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