Bones, Pits, & Mixing With PB!

Here’s another AT Update! A lot of awesome stuff has happened! 😀 First off, The Pit preview is out!

Go here to watch:

😯 Well that didn’t tell us much… Oh well.

Anyway, there is also a new game over at Cartoon Network for Adventure Time! It’s called Finn & Bones. I’ll let you hear it from CN though:


Jake has been kidnapped by an army of hungry skeletons! Only Finn, and the power of SCIENCE can save him. Mix up new weapons to fight your way through the Underworld in Finn & Bones! Play Now

I’m playing right now. It’s not the best game, but it’s pretty darn cool. 🙂 PB & CN are even helping us out with the game a bit, by giving us a little mixing tip!


Attention Citizens,

As you may know, Finn is on a quest to rescue Jake from the Underworld. I’ve calculated his chances of success, and it doesn’t look good–not without your help, anyway. Luckily, Finn is wearing my prototype mobile laboratory backpack. It lets you mix up powerful, new weapons and items for Finn to use in battle. Operating the Lab Pack can get a little tricky for non-geniuses so I whipped up this scientific cheat sheet to get you started. Scope it!



(Click the image above for a larger view)

Harness the power of science in Finn & Bones!

So have you played yet? You should go try it out! 😀



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