Super Dragon and Hamburger Boy Episode 5!

Hey everyone! Remember that sneak peek from a while ago? Well the answer to it is finally here! Episode 5 of SD & HB!!! πŸ˜€ Enjoy!

ATP stories super dragon & hamburger boy 5 - 1 ATP stories super dragon & hamburger boy 5 - 2 ATP stories super dragon & hamburger boy 5 - 3 ATP stories super dragon & hamburger boy 5 - 4 ATP stories super dragon & hamburger boy 5 - 5

*sigh* Turns out a lot of you want to watch me suffer by having my character *shivers* get a date… 😯 I hope next episode has more action. πŸ˜› What do you want to happen next episode, huh? More drama? More action? More comedy? Explain!



22 thoughts on “Super Dragon and Hamburger Boy Episode 5!


    Sneaky Susie

    Retired Villain


    Bad Burier


  2. @SD: I have one! It’s going to be called “The Putrid Prune Juice Stealer”. It’s going to be set on Mystery Train Island. It’s going to have 4 parts.

    Part 1
    PANE 1 – Lauren: I’ve never been on the Mystery Train before!
    Mike: Neither have I!
    SD: It’s a long train! It’s got 10 carriages!
    PANE 2 – HB: This is George Washington Gale Ferris Jr., who has 3 more years left to live…
    SD: He was born on Valentine’s Day 1859.
    Lauren: Hello!
    George: Hello!
    PANE 3: SD: This is the dining car and that’s the porter…
    Porter: *sniff sniff*
    Lauren: What’s wrong?
    PANE 4: Porter: Our finest prune juice floated away, jug and all!
    SD: A-ha, it was that Sneaky Susie!
    PANE 5: HB: My burger senses are tingling. They’re telling me that it’s not Sneaky Susie because it’s not in a costume.

    Part 2
    PANE 1 – HB: It’s some other villain behaving like an overcooked patty! They also escaped from the left.
    PANE 2 – At Pinkerton Security…
    Guard: Well, it’s true that I saw the jug float past me, but I tried to catch the person who had it but she was too quick and got away.
    PANE 3 – In the Presidential Suite…
    President: It’s true. I saw it but was too quick for me, too.
    HB: We need clues.
    PANE 4 – SD: I found something suspicious! Drops of prune juice!
    HB: Shhh! I hear footsteps!
    PANE 5 – HB: My senses tells me she’s right behind me!

    Part 3
    PANE 1 – HB: Show yourself!
    Putrid Prune Juice Stealer: Oh, it’s unfair! Uh-oh! Mom’s coming!
    PANE 2 – PPJS’s mother: I hope you weren’t up to anything, honey.
    PPJS: Nothing suspicious. Just invisible…
    PANE 3 – PPJS’s mother: I knew it! Invisible nonsense again! Go back to your room!
    HB: I have a strange feeling this is the same thing that happened to the Bad Burier…
    PANE 4 – Back at PPJS’s room…
    (Crying) I need to somehow come up with another plan!

    Part 4
    PANE 1 – Porter: Thanks for saving the train’s beloved prune juice!
    PANE 2 – No problem! Just doing our jobs!
    PANE 3 – Free prune juice!
    Lauren: Hey, thanks!
    Mike: Thanks!

    • The stealer will look like a girl with blonde hair but the hair style and clothes are your choice. Her mother is going to be the same with hair style and clothes but with a bit darker hair. The stealer’s room is going to be the one on 24 Carrot Island.

    • I’m sorry, but I’m not going to publish this as an official SD & HB Story. I feel it doesn’t have the same detail/comedy/dialog as the other episodes and it’s way too similar to The Bad Burier and Sneak Susie. Again, sorry. 😦
      Although we do take suggestions to what should happen in upcoming episodes!

  3. Do you take suggestion sof rfuture episodes?? I have a really cool idea…

    (What if it turns out that “Mike” is a bad guy O_O !_! ) ~~Nameless Sent from iCloud

    • Yes, I do take suggestions.
      I actually suggested that before and a done of people have suggested it too. I would like to do something like that, but it’s a bit obvious now. πŸ˜›

    • Yeah, SD’s right, Nameless. I think it’s a little too obvious and it won’t make sense. But you could throw in an episode where Mike starts to act strange and then turn bad.

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