Happy Thanksgi- uh… Turkey Day!

Happy Thanksgiving Turkey Day everybody! Now, if your Thanksgiving was terrible, I hope this cheers you up:

We’re thankful for…

As the Poptropica Creators celebrate Thanksgiving today, we wanted to take a moment to thank the most important person in Poptropica: you!

We have a great time making Islands, designing costumes, and building all the features that you can only find on Poptropica. And we’re looking forward to creating even more Poptropica awesomeness in the months and years ahead.

But without someone to play it, Poptropica really wouldn’t be anything at all. We couldn’t do it without you — and we wouldn’t want to. Thank you!

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We here at the ATP feel the same way. Without all our viewers, I probably wouldn’t be posting this right now. I personally would’ve given up on this website a while ago if it didn’t turn out to be awesome. I am SO SO SO thankful that the ATP has so many awesome fans that help encourage and support the authors here. So… Happy Turkey Day everyone!

What did you do over your holiday? I had a great time with my family and finally got to see Hunger Games: Catching Fire! 😀 It was awesome.


P.S. Tonight is your last chance to buy the Forgotten Islands App on sale! Hurry up!

P.P.S. Remember! Thanksgiving is a lot like Christmas…


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