Poptropolis is rising soon for non-members!

For all of the non-members of Poptropica, good news! On December 5, you will be able to play the improved Poptropolis Games with two new games! Members, grab your members only items before Dec. 5!

The Games are almost here

The updated Poptropolis Games will be available for everyone to play this Thursday, December 5! But that also means that your chance to grab the Wrestling Gear will also be gone on Thursday — maybe forever.

So if you’re already a Member, head to Poptropica now to claim your outfit! If you’re not, become a Member today so you can take advantage of all the great things about Poptropica Membership.

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I did not do very well in the ranking for Poptropolis, I got somewhere in the 4,000 range, but that was because my membership expired. I did much better on Virus Hunter, when I got 75th! What rankings did you get? For non-members, are you excited to play?

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