Sleepy Goes to Sleep – Almost 30,000 Hits

Hello everyone. I’m very sad to say that Sleepy Feather is leaving the ATP. 😦 I asked her to become more active and she said she couldn’t find time and that I should just take her off the site. SF is the second author of the ATP to leave and she was the 4th author to ever join. We will all miss her and hope that she will still comment. Of course this means that her article in TNPT will be discontinued. 😥 Poptropica Avatar Sleepy Feather 2

Please do not ask me if I will be hiring another author because of this. I might, but I’m not sure because I feel that the ATP has been running smoothly as it is.

Well… bye Sleepy. 😦


P.S. On a lighter note, we are almost at 30,000 hits, thanks to all our authors and viewers. Thanks everyone! But here’s a challenge: Adventure Time Pop’s Birthday is only in 20 days. If we get over 30,000 hits by that time, will give out something special for everyone! So please get everyone you know interested in this site and come on as often as possible!

ATP birthday - 30,000 hits

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