Unfinished Cos-

Mocktropica “Unfinished” costume now available!

alright so usually black widow would be the one to tell you this but shes busy so i get to tell u that theres this new costume in the poptropica store. its called “unfinished” and it looks like ur wearing a costume that wasnt finished so the name makes sense but idk i dont get it.

the costume is available to poptropica members. u can get membership today to get this costume and also the glitch power from last week.

k i dont think any of the poptropica creators are gonna read this far so time 4 some real talk.

i know u come here to read about poptropica but its time somebody expanded ur mind. im talking about REAL games, the kind u need skills to play. NO NOOBS ALLOWED lol

anyways i got the inside scoop on this new game called mega fighting bots. its pretty much the best. u play as a killer robot and u fight other killer robots and try to smash em to pieces. best of all its SUPER hard and u need crazy skills to win. ill be honest if u cant beat this game then ur not a real gamer, no offense.

captain crawface and the other creators were trying to tell me that poptropica is great bc it has a storyline but i like the story in mfb better. ur a robot and ur fighting other robots. there can be only 1. U GOT MY ATTENTION MFB!!

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The costumes looks pretty cool in my opinion. Although I am not a big fan of Gamer Guy’s posts. It’s definitely interesting that the Creators have added him and I do like him, not just the way he posts. His txt talk is weird and somewhat hard to read at times. Anyway, so he recommends Mega Fighting Bots. If you remember from a while ago, I mentioned that this was in the video for Mocktropica Island. See if you can find it, if you didn’t see it already:

Yeah, well when you went to that site it said coming soon. Now it’s here! So click here to go check it out. 😉 Unlike Gamer Guy, I like Poptropica better. Games with a good storyline are fun. Now if you’re confused by GG’s (Wow, GG stands for good game and gamer guy! 😆 ) txt talk, go to our TXT Talk page. Hopefully it will help you.

GG everyone. 🙂



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