ATP’s 1st Birthday!!!

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As you probably saw on our sidebar, the ATP’s 1st Birthday is coming up really soon! On the 30th to be exact! At first I thought we couldn’t have a party because Dec. 30th is a Monday. However I then realized that most of us are on Christmas/Holiday/New Year’s break! Woo! 😛 So…

ATP party 3

I want to thank Silver Wolf for letting us use her blog’s Xat. We’ll probably make a Poptropica Common Room as well though. Anyway, I hope everyone can make it! 😀



24 thoughts on “ATP’s 1st Birthday!!!

  1. SD, I don’t know where you are, but you missed the anniversary party, and it wasn’t very fun without you. Silver Wolf held it up though, but then people got into fights. So. Happy Anniversary, ATP.

  2. Hey Spotted Dragon, a glitch happened on Poptropica and my poptropica turned into you! I did change my character back except for the eyelashes that I now have on my character. I’m not sure if I should laugh or be concerned.

    • That’s odd. 0_0
      I would make sure that your Poptropican’s name and username/password is still the same. If it is, I wouldn’t be too concerned. However if you have eyelashes, that means you are now a girl. I think there is a way you can turn back though. Visit out Clever Codes Page to see if you can find out how.

    • It means your Poptropican is a girl… Tis the season to change Poptropicans’ genders! Fa la la la la, la la la la!

      I changed mine into boy a couple days ago…


      Sent from my iPhone


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