PAM – October & November

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Okay! This is a bit late, sorry about that. If I ever forget this stuff, please remind me! Anyway, the Poptropican for October is…

Silver Wolf!

If you remember, SW helped me with the ATP’s first magazine in October and she has been an author for a very long time. She has helped me a lot over what has almost been a year and I’m very thankful.You’re awesome Wolfy!


The adventurer of October is…


Sam, or Tough Icicle is another ATP author. He has also helped me a lot, we collaborate often, and all in all he’s a nice guy to blog with. He’s let me used his Xat in the past too. You’re awesome Sam!


Congrats to our October winners! They deserve it! 😀

Now for November! The Poptropican is…

Tough Spider!

TS has started to view the ATP more and more and he’s a nice guy. He let me interview him on The Spotted Show, he helps Fearless Fox write the amazing Poptropica Universe story, and even though he can’t come to our upcoming party, he really puts his best into everything he does. You’re awesome TS!


The adventurer is…

Sleepy Feather!

Even though SF is no longer an author and not as active as she used to be, she is still pretty cool. She made all of our Percy Jackson costumes, started off our Brave costumes, and more. Hopefully she will continue with her great story, The Chronicles of Sleepy Feather. You’re awesome Sleepy!


Congrats to our November winners! They deserve it! 😀

The PAM page will be updated soon. And don’t forget our upcoming party! I hope you can come! 😉


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