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Hey, guys and gals! Thanks to the PHB’s new Behind The Scenes page, I got to give a review of a few songs. Make sure to give your review in the comments! From hating a song to a “PERFECT!” song ( 😆 ), I’m gonna tell you guys what I think of these new additions. Now, I was replying to Brave Tomato, so you may see some references of “I agree.”

Dismal Future: Creepy, but honestly, I love it. I could listen to this all day.You can hear the Poptropica style and rhythm to it; it’s a beautiful song. Also, I love how the regular Poptropica main theme is overcome and slowly fades into the “creepy” part of the song. Very unique. It shows that the future does have hope by you saving it, which is why the Poptropica theme is established into the end.

Bright Future: Too much bright. Too much. >.< It’s not gonna be a utopian society!!! TOO BRIGHT. O.O

Time Tangled Main Theme: I agree. Whimsical. What would have been astounding is if they somehow incorporated songs from different time periods.

24 Carrot Main Theme: I LOVE this theme!!!!! LOVE IT. It’s amazing! It goes with the circumstances well, and is just PERFECT!

Train Finale B: Why do I love all the songs from 24 Carrot? I don’t know. They’re just…amazing. The instruments… The beat, the rhythm. You can tell they spent a lot of time on this. ❤ Unique.

Spy Main Theme: They add their own touch, I’ll admit that. It’s just….the same classic spy theme. I wish they would have created a…fresh, unique song.

Poptropolis Main theme (first half): c: It has that Olympic feel, but it has that hint of Poptropica. It reminds me of a song from a Wii game…

 *intermission* Time to listen to the beautiful sound of silence… Take a few moments to rest and gather yourself, and look at this picture of Adventure Time:

Adventure Time Characters

Credit to: Paqoo

So peaceful. Unless you’re like me and never can escape noise. In that case, I’m terribly sorry. Now, let’s get back to music.

Virus Hunter Main: I don’t like this one. I just don’t. Science is my favorite subject; I want to be a doctor. This island just doesn’t feel right, nor does the music. :/ It gets quite annoying, also.

Techno Jam: Meh. Good beat, but my ears hurt from the high-pitched noises.

Mocktropica Theme: Too peppy, even for the glitched one. The Creators are lost and working as hard as they can, and the island is glitchy.

Night Theme: Could have been made glitchy. :/

MFB Battle: Fell in love. Perfect for an intense, final battle.

MFB Battle Intro: I hate it. </3 I’m a rock lover, and this song makes it seem like they’re making fun of rock.The cut scene is great, though.


What time is it? Art time! I have some art ready for you; from BMO to Spotted Dragon, and much more to come!

Fan Art - Poptropica - Spotted Dragon - Silver Wolf

ATP’s owner, Spotted Dragon (in crayon form)!

Fan Art - Poptropica - Slanted Fish - Silver Wolf

Surely you recognize her. …or perhaps you live under a rock. Who knows.

Fan Art - Adventure Time - BMO The Gamer - Silver Wolf

Isn’t it the cutest thing ever?? 😀

Mad Tornado's Drawing

I’m watching you with my one good eye. <.<

Much more to come! If you want your Poptropican drawn, ask in the comments! Also, don’t forget to make your own Spotted Dragon paper-craft!

ATP - Spotted Dragon Paper Craft

That’s it!  Bai! ~SW out

11 thoughts on “Review and Art

  1. Um… you said that for the Time Tangled Island that they should have had different music for different time periods, but I am playing it right now and they DO have different music?

  2. DF: Eh, it’s ok… I like suspenseful music, but this isn’t anything new.
    BF: I agree with SF. Too Bright.
    TTMT: I like this one, but I agree with SD when it can get annoying.
    24Carrot: This one is one of my favorites!!
    TrainFB: Very upbeat, great ending song.
    SpyMT: Too James Bondy.
    PoptropolisMT: Another favorite of mine. 🙂
    VirusHT: The fact that we already heard this in the trailer made it boring.
    TechnoJ: Meh, I don’t like techy music.
    MockT: The only part I liked was the glitch part.
    NightT: This was indifferent, nothing new.
    MFBBattle: Awesome. (I still haven’t finished Mocktropica though, (because of glitches, ironically) so I think I would enjoy it more if I played at this part)
    MFBBattleIntro: I don’t like it at all.

  3. SW, awesome reviews and drawings! I think I like BMO the best. Plus, I agree with most of your thoughts on the songs…

    DF: I love creepy too. 😛
    BF: IKR? Same reaction I had.
    TTMT: To be honest, it annoyed me after a while. It’s definitely whimsical though and I still like it.
    24CT: Not my favorite, but I do think it suits the island. 🙂
    TFB: Now this one I love. A perfect finale tune!
    SMT: Agreed. It would be amazing if every other Spy related show/game/movie didn’t use it.
    PMT: Exactly.
    VHM: It got SO annoying. I think they could’ve done way better.
    TJ: I liked this one. Didn’t hurt my ears at all.
    MT: IKR? Exactly how I felt.
    NT: Yes. Plus, I thought it was too “spooky.” Not everything has to be creepy just because it’s night time.
    MFBB: I loved it too.
    MFBBI: I actually laughed at this whole scene. It was completely mocking anime as well as rock. I want to say I hated it, but it was MOCKtropica Island, so I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it a little.

  4. All hail Fishy, ruler of the sea of Poptropica!
    I hate Binary Bard.

    BINARY BARD: “You’ll never outwit me, Icy Snowball! I’ll be able to steal all the power of Poptropica so that there’s none left!”
    ME: “We’ll see about that! Ultra-kick! *kicks*”

    Also, feel free to do my cutout and have my picture drawn, SD!

    • Icy, that’s weird spam. I don’t control it here, but I don’t believe sd appreciates it, and as for it being on SW’s post, I don’t think she does either.


      Sent from my iPhone


    • Okay, time to get things strait.
      NU: Technically it wasn’t spam. He was talking about the characters in the post, and asking for a drawing, plus a cutout.
      IS: Yeah, this is SW post, she made the pictures. But, I made the cutout. Sorry, but I don’t think I’ll be making them for viewers. They take a lot of work and I wanted them to be special (just for the ATP).

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