The Lost Items of Poptropica

Hi Gs,

If you stalk through the item files of Poptropica for some bit, you are going to run across items that you have never seen before.  ”Am I missing out?”, you ask.  I can tell you soundly that you are not missing out on anything; instead, you have discovered a lost item of Poptropica!

These items are very rare, and will never show up in your game; but outside of the player, you can view these hidden gems, which have never been used, and most likely never will be.  These items are not for the new releases, they are for islands that have already been released.  With my high tech solutions (ok, totally NOT high tech), I have been able to view these items completely, without having the name cut off.  This will make things easier, don’t you think? 😉

First off, a Teleporter Fuse, from Spy Island.


The description says that the satellite teleporter won’t work without the fuse…  sort of strange.

paint pallette

This is a Paint Palette Watch from Counterfeit island; who knows what part of the quest it was supposed to go in, but it does not have a “Wear” button, so it wasn’t a’t a customizable item.

Gravity Boots

These Gravity Boots are from Lunar Colony, and they are customizable!  The first customizable shoes… sad that they were never released.  Also in Lunar Colony, this  radio headset which you do wear in the quest, but never get an actual item for:

Radio Headset

And this Energy Boost Blaster is from Zomberry Island:

Energy Boost Blaster

As well as never before seen, there are items that have been removed from the store that include “early access cards”, and a three slot costume closet:


We’ll never know for sure what these strange items are for, but it’s sort of neat to know about them.  If you ever find something unusual or strange, tell us!  🙂



4 thoughts on “The Lost Items of Poptropica

  1. Very cool! How did you find those? I know you said “stalk through the item files”, do you just mean the items button?

    • No, the item files. 😛 Although I didn’t have to go through every single item to find them. They’re in the databases, but I guess they never released them to the public.

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