Riding into the sunset, darkness, or clouds…

Hello everyone! Here are some thoughts on what could be upcoming islands for 2014! (These pictures are from the daily pop sneak peeks, Poptropica, and the Creator’s Blog)Image



This shows an eerie scene with glowing eyes and owls in a tree, but the thing that caught my eye was the structure to the left. It looks like a bunch of mirrors. Hmm… 


If you look closely at this notebook page, it says “funhouse mirrors”. Could this page of ideas for Monster Carnival connect with the image of mirrors?



This can be found in the trash can on Mocktropica Island. I think this is a message stating that Monster Carnival will not be coming out. I believe it was because the idea of zombies (look on the notebook page) was used in Zomberry Island.






This image has been shown multiple times in the sneak peeks. What could it mean? It reminds me of Twisted Thicket and Steamworks…





This image shows the “riding into the sunset” part of the title. It is a cardboard cut out of two poptropicans in love. Ugh. What does that mean?






This image looks like a crossover between Steamworks and Astro Knights, something about studying the sky….




This looks like the same “theme” of a sky world. 


This concludes my post about thoughts for upcoming islands! Comment below with your thoughts and theories about these pictures! 


P.S. Happy New Year! 😀


8 thoughts on “Riding into the sunset, darkness, or clouds…

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  2. Cool thoughts! I think I remember a folder in the Mocktropica trash bin that had Sky Pirates crossed out and When Pigs Fly circled. I’m thinking that might be related to all the sneak peeks of islands in the sky, such as the last two you have in your post.

    • Good thinking! I remember in the Poptropica building that one of the island posters was something about the return of captain crawfish, but I don’t know why they would have him return for the third time. We also have to remember what Nameless said about how it is what the villains thought was right…

    • Wow, no one ever says to remember something nameless says 😛


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  3. The fact that the MCI with NOPE written on it was in the trash might mean the TRASHED idea, isn’t what they want, they want the YEP version 😉


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