Your Choice

Sup everyone! I wanted to get your opinion on a couple of things. First of all, when things should be released. All of them will be released some time, but which one do you want to come out first?


Okay! Now, what would you like to see more of in upcoming episodes of SD & HB? Please answer this, even if you don’t want SD & HB to come out first (from the poll above). Don’t forget the Other option. In this option, you can also list multiple choices.


Now, in the Spotted Show (even if you didn’t choose it in the first poll) what to you want? I thought you guys would have better ideas than mine to make the show a bit more interesting.


I think that’s it. If I’m forgetting anything, I’ll try to edit it into this post later, so check back often. 😉



3 thoughts on “Your Choice

  1. *Mordecai and Rigby chanting* Evil Mike! Evil Mike! Evil Mike!
    I picked backstory, because backstory beats all arguments.

    • SD says she wants to talk to HB about a random thing but HB says he can’t talk because he has to go see a movie with Lauren. When HB sees Lauren, he says that he’s excited to see the movie. When they walk into the cinema, they sit at the back where they can see the movie easily. The movie will be dramatic (what it’s about will be a random thing), and after the movie Lauren and HB exit the cinema and kiss yet again.

      Again, this is just an idea, It’s up to the poll.

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