Just Another Monster Carnival Post,

Hi Gs,

This is a follow up to Fuzzy-B’s post and Fruit Bat 7777’s post (lol, two FBs at once), so be sure to read their post before you read mine. 😉

Yes, this is just one more Monster Carnival post.  I know most of you are probably quite tired of these, but I believe something is happening, so endure it, my fellow poppers!

But, before you go on, you will need to know about the Haunted Amusement Park Island idea page.  It was posted about a year ago on the Creators blog, and many claim that it is a preliminary page for Monster Carnival Island.  I’m using it to compare with the latest daily pops.  And now, back to your usual programming 😛 :

The latest Daily Pops have been hinting STRONG scents of Monster  Carnival.  I started to get the memo about a week ago, with this post:


This ground looks like a carnival ground.  And the description hints something we don’t see.  Look to the far right of this image.  See anything of interest?


This post shows owls, but look to the left of the image.  What do you see?  Mirrors.  Perhaps even a  Fun House.  Referring to the Haunted Amusement Park Island idea page, it mentions Fun House Mirrors.


The descriptions says “…may choose to reflect…”.  Mirrors reflect.  Just another piece for the puzzle.


This batch smells funny.

These mutated animals sort of look like monsters… and remember the name tags.  Also, referring to the Haunted Carnival Island ideas, it mentions freak show.  These animals are pretty freaky.


Remember the name tags?  They’re here too.  That proves that these pictures are linked.  Referring to the page of Monster Carnival ideas, get this:

hauntedAmusement.jpg (968×1296)

Who is him?  The excerpt says Scare him into a cage.  There is a cage beside this blob.  Something tells me that Monster Carnival Island is coming very soon.

One more piece of proof: These pictures are not just sketches.  They are coded, and colored, and finalized.  So, more than likely, Monster Carnival is coming. 😉

Also, I will be hosting a live Hangout on Air featuring me, HPuterpop, drawing Poptropica Gossip!  Find it here. 🙂  I hope you can make it!


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