Re:Daily Pops

Hi Gs,

I can tell you first hand that I love Daily Pops.  So much that I hacked into the system and found ones that haven’t been released yet!  Totally sane. 😛


Chances are, the picture above will be the Daily Pop for tomorrow.  How did I find this?  Simple.  The Creators upload Daily Pops a day early.

Before you go ballistic, asking me “WHY HAVEN’T YOU TOLD US THIS BEFORE?!”, I wanna say that I just figured it out just a day ago, thanks to a lead by raqk.

The title is Everywhere Are Signs, and the description: Blocking out the scenery, breaking my mind.  This is obviously because the sign has no background. 😛  How do I find the description?  The XML file, of course.

I’m starting to piece the puzzle of the upcoming island together.  First, we may want to find the boss for the next island — it may reveal a lot.  Perhaps this mechanical clown is of the evil spirit:


Now we know that the pharmacy posts are in relation to the mining posts.  The sign states “Medicine, Chemistry Sets, Minerals“.

Everytime I go through the Daily Pops, I always end up on something concerning Monster Carnival!  The story is being revealed, piece by piece:

In a mountain, you enter an eerie laboratory; on of Doctor  Price.  He has mutated himself into a fly, and then created other beings by mutating them.  Meanwhile, a circus master buys them to put on display…

More will be revealed later. xD  Of course, this is pure speculation.  What do you think?

Also, a long time ago I predicted that Gamer Guy would be the villain of Mocktropica.  Turns out I was wrong, but check out a recent Daily Pop post:


We meet again, Abe.


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