Even More Digital Art

Okay, so I usually don’t create digital art, I usually create hand-drawn art. However, digital art seems to be popular right now, so of course (being an artist) I had to at least take a shot at it. Now, before you see my possibly cool creation, note that I don’t have a drawing tablet. I made this with my mouse. 😛

Fan Art - Poptropica - Spotted Dragon - Spotted Dragon

Some of you might be wondering “Are you taking requests?” The answer is yes. Yes I am. If you want me to make a portrait of your Poptropican, just ask in the comments! Be sure to give me your username/some picture of your Poptropican, your name, and what you want to be proud of (remember, what your proud of is usually something unique). If you want me to chose what your proud of (I would probably have to know you well), please do not get offended by what I chose. If it sounds mean, I’m sorry because it’s something you should be proud of! 😉

Anyway, do you like it? 🙂


P.S. I’m working on two art series that I’m hoping to finish soon, but it’s been taking a while. Can you guess what they are? One is relating to Poptropica villains and one is related to Adventure Time.

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