Monster Carnival Coming in Febuary!!! (Plus a Lab)

SQEEEEEE! This is awesome! Yes, you read right! Monster Carnival, the island that never came out, is coming out!!! This beloved MCI mystery is now here! 😀

Awesome, right? “See? Dreams do come true. Then again, nightmares do, too…” So what do you think will come of this island? I think it’s going to be awesome!!! 🙂

Okay, okay, okay, time to calm myself. There is also a really cool Lab thing that the Creators are trying out. Sadly, it’s a members only thing.

If you’re a member, just log into Poptropica and on your home page, there is that slideshow thing in the bottom left hand corner. The lab is the second slide. And I know, you’re probably wondering what the heck this is. Well, it’s basically where you get to create your own little main street… kinda. Here is my example:


I know, I know, pretty lame. I was just testing it. 😛 I also made this one…


Just focus at what’s at the top. I tried to make an ordinary house kinda thing. There’s windows, a door, a failed chair and table, a bed, and even a pet house thing (which all my pets would not stay put in). 😉


3 thoughts on “Monster Carnival Coming in Febuary!!! (Plus a Lab)

    • Agreed about MCI and the lab.
      To get coins (this works for me) try buying something that is too expensive for you, a message will pop up, so just click okay. Then a bag of coins should fall down and start hopping around. Chase it and once you catch it you will have more money! 😉

  1. Wit that all the games with a mith has come true
    Club Penguin Rainbow and Golden Puffles
    Animal Jam Adventures
    Poptropica The Monster Carnival Thing
    Looks like a very spooky island O-o

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