Proud to be Quiet Bubbles!

Hey everyone! Most of you have probably seen my recent post introducing my “Proud to be” series of digital art. Well, I’m glad to say that StormBoomingRed (Quiet Bubbles) requested a portrait! So here it is:

Fan Art - Poptropica - Proud to be Quiet Bubbles - Spotted Dragon

I hope you like it! πŸ˜€

Anyone else want their Poptropican drawn? I’m happy to oblige. Like I said in my other post, all you need to do is comment your username/some picture of your Poptropican, your name, and what you want to be proud of (remember, what your proud of is usually something unique). πŸ˜‰



17 thoughts on “Proud to be Quiet Bubbles!

  1. Can I have Sleepy Feather (BiancaHunterOfArtemis, my regular costume – I’m assuming you still have it?) ‘proud to be a writer’?
    I would put ‘proud to be a procrastinator’, but I’m not exactly proud of that.

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