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Yep, just another AT episode recap and review! The most recent episode was Apple Wedding, in which Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig got married. If you haven’t seen the episode, you can watch it here (for free). 🙂

I thought it was a cute episode, but also really disgusting. For one thing, TT’s mom. She creeps me out big time (LIKE THAT KISS AT THE END??? EWW!!!). Heck, I didn’t know her mom could be alive! I also didn’t know that TT was married, like 3 times before! So… yeah… The whole Wyatt (TT’s ex) and BMO thing was creepy too. Wyatt is definitely… uh… odd. Then there’s the “King of Ooo”. What the heck was with him?

king of ooo

(Looks like he’s made of earwax ^^^)I have to say, I’m with PB on the whole King of Ooo is a fraud thing. We just seems… suspicious? What do you guys think? This guy makes me confused. I mean, did you pay close attention to his speech when wedding Tree Trunks and Mr. Pig? He was talking about something like them being his slaves… When escaping the dungeon (jail), he also shouts “!” What is cool, is that before this episode came out, I found a site called which is basically the same thing. The site seems to be owned by some AT Creators and they post a lot of cool pictures and sneak peeks (like the one below that came out before Apple Wedding).

apple wedding

(In the comic above, when BMO asks the air to the wedding, I think he might be asking “Bubble” from the episode BMO Lost) Apple Wedding had interesting characters and a decent plot in my opinion. It definitely wasn’t a “filler” episode, but it wasn’t HUGE on storyline. Sure, TT and Mr. Pig finally wed, but in my eyes, that’s not as big of a deal as… let’s say FP and Finn’s breakup. So, overall, how did you feel about this episode?

On to the next episode; Blade of Grass.

As you can mostly see by the preview, the episode synopsis is “When Finn tries to replace his broken sword with a grass sword, he learns the new one is cursed.” I don’t have a big prediction on this episode though. However,  I did find this official piece of art for one of the scenes.

blade of grass 1

It seems to be a draft of this scene from the preview:

blade of grass 2

Is it just me, or does it look like they’re at some messed up playground? There are slides everywhere. How could Finn and Jake have gotten into that mess anyway? I suppose we’ll have to wait and see, unless any of you guys have a theory, because I’m out of ideas. 😛

In other news, there was a new post from AdvIce King on the Cartoon Network Blog! Ever wonder how to escape chores, get princesses to like you, or to break a world record? If so, you’ve come to the right place.

  • January 15, 2014 10:00:00 AMAdvIce King

Dear Courtney,
That’s what henchmen are for. Get yourself a legion of loyal penguins, or some other flightless bird. (I hear emus are nice). They’ll do pretty much anything you need, like cleaning out the fridge, guarding your mountain fortress, or scrubbin’ your armpits. Ya know, chore stuff.

  • September 14, 2013 2:26:06 PM Crazy Eduardo Atlas
    Dear AdvIce King,
    How do I get princesses to like me?
  • January 15, 2014 10:00:00 AMAdvIce King

Dear Crazy,
I wish there was a simple answer. There isn’t. But I can tell you what NOT to do.
Things I’ve learned so far:

  • Don’t kidnap them
  • Don’t lock them in your ice dungeon
  • Don’t read them really great fan fiction that you wrote yourself
  • Don’t threaten to squish them into juice
  • Don’t steal chunks of various princesses to create the perfect monster wife. (That’s a big one)

The key is to never stop trying. Worst-case scenario, you can always marry your own foot.


  • January 15, 2014 10:00:00 AMAdvIce King

Dear Oddball,

Umm… not exactly the advice I would’ve given but I guess it’s all in perspective. 😉

Adventure on everyone!


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