Floop the Pig!!!

Remember that episode of Adventure Time? Card Wars? Everyone totally freaked out and wanted to play the game! Well, sadly it’s not an actual board game, but, I think watch Cartoon Network has to offer will suffice. Click here for more info and the video trailer for… the actual Card Wars App!!!

It costs $3.99, but there are also in-app purchases. I have not bought the app (yet?), so I can’t really give my opinion. I can say this though; it looks awesome! 😀

If you don’t want to waste your money, or are having trouble deciding whether to get it or not, I found this video that walks you through the game and tells you how to play. Of course, there are spoilers because it is similar to a walk through.

Have fun! And remember; Floop the Pig! 😉



5 thoughts on “Floop the Pig!!!

  1. Cool! But actually, I found on Amazon that at some point, a real board game was available. It was made by Cryptozoic Entertainment, and it had cards and stuff. It isn’t available right now, and, it might just be fake, but I saw it and wanted to tell you.

    • Hmm, I never saw that. They might’ve had to get rid of it for Copyrighted reasons.
      And even if it was real, I’m not sure if someone besides CN could pull it off. I mean, it IS a holographic board game.

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