Proud to be Cuddly Knuckle

Hey guys! Remember my Proud to Be series? Well I’ve gotten more requests!

Art - Proud to be Cuddly Knuckle

Like it? 🙂

For those of you who have already asked for a portrait, I’m working on it. I’ve just been a bit busy. In fact, I’m lucky I finally finished this one! However, I never stop taking requests.

If you want a portrait, just ask in the comments below! Tell me your name, your username,  and what you want to be proud of.

Enjoy! 😛


SD & HB: Episode 7: Parts 4-7

Well, here is the rest of the episode! If you haven’t read the beginning of episode 7, click here.

ATP stories super dragon & hamburger boy 7 - 4 ATP stories super dragon & hamburger boy 7 - 5 ATP stories super dragon & hamburger boy 7 - 6 ATP stories super dragon & hamburger boy 7 - 7

Hehehe, yeah I just love dragging out the suspense. However I’m surprised you guys weren’t discussing certain clues I included… >:D

Well, until next time! 😛


Survival: Crash Landing Review

“Night has fallen and the temperature is dropping. Alone in the forests of the Yukon, you must find a way to build a fire-but time is running out.” -Poptropica Survival Tour

Poptropica: Survival just might be the masterpiece we have waited for.

On Thursday March 20, Poptropica released the first episode of Survival. What is unique about “Survival”, is that it is the first ever episodic island. That means, that small “islands or quests” will be released quicker than any other island. In my opinion, that is a great idea. Ever since we got the New and Improved Islands, we have had to wait even longer for a new island to be released. One of the cool things about Survival, is the fact that it has all of the features a New and Improved Island would, and we didn’t have to wait forever for it to come out!

In this review, I will go over several things about the new Survival Island, including story, music, background/landscape, and more.

Please feel free to comment on what you think!

*May contain slightly small spoilers*

When you click the Survival island, you see a short scene of your blimp being hit by lightening and dark weather, and you are soon trapped in the Yukon forest. Great.

You can hear the wind blowing, and the twigs snapping, and a quiet music in the air, as if that will calm you down. It doesn’t. You need to find supplies to build a fire, as your body temperature slowly decreases.

In the distance, you hear pecking on bark. A woodpecker. The Poptropica Creator’s didn’t forget a single detail when it came to the music. It actually helps you in the game, when you need to follow the bird in the trees. As you progress through the story, you notice that you haven’t turned off the music, which is very different. Usually, you turn off the music after awhile, because it gets very annoying and stuck in your head. But there you are, still finding dry kindling with the wind whistling in your ears. You don’t want to turn it off. The music adds another layer of the warmth you don’t have, and are trying to find.

The landscape/background of the forest is simple, but actually looks like a cartoon forest. Even the grass dances in the wind. On any other island, there are distinct differences in each “area” or “street of some sort”, but the forest almost looks alike, everywhere you go. That’s another awesome thing. It makes you almost feel lost, like you are really in the Yukon freezing your toes off. Almost.

The storyline. Not much too it, but I have to admit, that is was kind of challenging. Much more than Monster Carnival and Mocktropica. Those two islands didn’t take me very long to complete (neither did Survival) but at least in the Yukon, I didn’t know where to go to find supplies. In Mocktropica and Monster Carnival, it seemed like they handed you the tools you needed, instead of having you look for them yourself.

Overall, I think Survival was just what we needed. I can tell you that I am excited to “catch my next meal under the ice” in the second episode: Hook, Line, and Sinker, coming soon.

Survival: Crash Landing rating: 4.5/5

Hope you enjoyed my review! 🙂 (I will likely do another one for the second episode)


PAM – January & February

ATP icon monthly importance

Yeah, yeah, yeah, I know, I know, I know. I said I was going to set up a message box, like the PTFP, so you guys could chose the winners for PAM. I’m just a huge procrastinator. My father wants to make the ATP email easier for me to use and he has work all the time, so it’s been taking longer than I’ve hoped. Thanks for being patient. However, I still want you guys to chose our winners, so I’m just gonna set up a poll. Don’t worry, no one will be able to see your answers except for me. 😛

Now, you might be like “Why are FB, HP, and Sam listed, but for other people we have to type in their name???” Well, it’s a poll, so I felt weird just putting an “Other” option. I figured I could put them as main choices, just because they’re authors and you might want to chose them for their posts. 😉

If you’re having trouble deciding, take a look into the past. Find all the January posts by clicking here and all the February posts by clicking here.

Anyway, please cast your vote soon! I need to announce the winners before March PAM comes around!


SD & HB Episode 7: The Trail: Parts 1 – 2 – 3

Hey everybody! I know I haven’t posted an episode of Super Dragon and Hamburger Boy lately, so I decided to today! This episode gets a little soul search-y, so just bare with me until this SD kidnapping is over with. 😛

ATP stories super dragon & hamburger boy 7 - 1 ATP stories super dragon & hamburger boy 7 - 2 ATP stories super dragon & hamburger boy 7 - 3

Yeah, yeah, kinda boring right now. Hopefully I’ll remember to post the rest of the episode in the next couple days. I guess I’m just prone to suspense. 🙂


Ice King Battle Party

We all know, love, hate, and feel sorry for poor old Ice King. Let’s look on a funny side of him though, shall we? Cartoon Network has put together something special for us. 🙂

Talk about an identity crisis. Ice King has had more looks than we can count. Guess that’s what happens when you live for a thousand years. Here are some of our favorite Ice Kings.











Which Ice King face is your fav?

Hmm… what would my favorite be…? I think I like Clumsy Ice King and Probably Not Ice King. 🙂 However, I love Before Ice King and Marcy’s Ice King if we were on a more serious note.

Can’t decide what your favorite face is? Need some advice? You’re in luck! AdvIce King is here!

  • January 29, 2014 2:52:38 PMLoud DJ Javelin
    Dear AdvIce King,
    What can I do to make snow days not boring?
  • March 10, 2014 5:00:00 PMAdvIce King
    Dear Loud DJ,
    Every day is a snow day in the Ice Kingdom. And we’ve got plenty fun stuff to do! See! Look, here’s a whole list of fun, cool things you can do on a snow day.Build snow minions. Who needs friends when you have minions?

    Play with the fun tray. Princesses love the fun tray!

    Clean out the fridge. Even penguin food expires eventually.

    Punish trespassers for entering your domain. Ohh, that’s my favorite!

    Or just call up your bro-dogs and have a party. I don’t know. Why are you asking me anyway?

  • February 1, 2014 12:15:59 PMStrange Kaleb Brine
    Dear AdvIce King,
    How can I get my own castle?
  • March 10, 2014 5:00:00 PMAdvIce King
    Dear Strange Brine,
    Whoa, whoa, whoa! Castles don’t just grow on trees, you know. They grow on mountains. Find yourself an empty mountaintop and kick out whatever’s living there–probably be a bear or yeti or something. It won’t be easy, but hey, that’s the price of being a king.
  • January 15, 2014 12:01:57 PMTalented Vivian Splat
    Dear AdvIce King,
    How do I kill Ice King?
  • March 10, 2014 5:00:00 PMAdvIce King
    Nice try, Vivian!
    But you have to get up pretty early in the morning to outsmart this Ice King.

Okay then… I don’t know about you guys, but I actually wouldn’t follow much of Ice King’s advice. If it were Simon’s advice, that would be better. 😉

Not to rain on Ice King’s parade or anything, but we do have something else, possibly more important, to talk about. Adventure Time is coming out with a new online game!

We are working on a brand-new game: Adventure Time Battle Party! Cartoon Network’s new multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) will be totally mathematical and ready for you very soon – in the meantime, check out the exclusive teaser trailer!

Get ready to party! Adventure Time Battle Party is coming soon to Cartoon Network!

It will probably be up on the Cartoon Network site when it comes out.

That’s all for now! 🙂


Bad Timing – Lemonhope – Billy’s Bucket List

Okay, okay, okay! I’m sorry about missing last week’s AT update. We’ve lost some authors and I’ve been busy. Let’s just get right to it.

The episode Bad Timing was about LSP, a guy named Johnny, and time travel. Throughout the episode, there was an… alternate dimension type thing surrounding the screen. It looked like this:

bad timing 1

It kinda annoyed me because it was a smaller screen for the actual storyline, but what happened in the dimension was interesting. Especially towards the end of the episode. As you can see in the picture above, Johnny appeared in this “alternate dimension” after being transported in the time bubble without being recorded previously. I don’t know about you, but I want to learn more about this in a future episode. 🙂

Onto the episode Lemonhope! It was previously called Lemonhope Story, so you may have heard it titled that instead. It was also in two parts. I personally feel that, even though he saved his people, Lemonhope is pretty much a jerk. He only helped his people to clear his conscious! However, the main thing I was thinking about during the show was the actual timeline. As Lemonhope grew, it seemed that PB and Finn didn’t grow. At least not as much. Heck, I’m still confused about Lemongrab 2 still being alive or not. Lemongrab 1 has died a lot, but has always somehow come back. At the end of the 30 minute special, Lemonhop was very old and he came back to his original Lemon Kingdom. Although, we never saw if anyone was there. In fact, it somewhat looked deserted. Has everyone died or left? What happened? Weird…


Okay! Now, there has been a lot of confusion about if we are in Season 5 or Season 6 of Adventure Time. The answer is… we are still in Season 5. Usually, seasons last between 20 and 30 episodes long. However, the Creators have confirmed that Season 5 is a “double season.” It has twice the amount of episodes. Some people call the double amount episodes Season 5.2. 😛

Hopefully, the confusion will end soon. Mostly because… the next episode is the Season finale. 😯 Hold on…

*Walks away from computer* NOOOO!!!!! I can’t wait for more episodes of Adventure Time!!! What will I do with my life!!! *Walks back to computer*

Sorry about that. Anyway, the episode is called Billy’s Bucket List. It’s about how “Finn finds the hero Billy’s bucket list and decides to complete the unfinished items as a final tribute.” If you’re confused, Billy died as a result of the Lich’s possession of him. Here is the short preview:

Not much, I know. Thankfully, we have the long preview to check out:

Who is that tall girl??? I got’s’ta know!!!! Time to look at the sneak peek I found: (WARNING: Spoiler!)

Ooooooooh! The tall girl is Billy’s ex-girlfriend! Looks like this episode might have some drama and some real sad moments. 😦

billy's bucket list

Well, that raps up the AT updates I have right now. Se ya later guys! 😉