SD – Adventure Time Style

Hey guys! Well, you’ve seen some of my Poptropican Portraits, and requests for those have died down, so I decided to take a shot at a different drawing style.

I drew myself – Adventure Time Style! 🙂

Fan Art - Adventure Time - AT Styled Spotted Dragon - Spotted Dragon

It’s not the best, but whatever.  Do I have any resemblance to a humanoid in Ooo? 😛

Anyway, I also drew myself, again with an AT Style, but this time… Lumpy!

Fan Art - Adventure Time - Lumpy Styled Spotted Dragon - Spotted Dragon

Don’t judge me! Unless you have something really nice to say. 🙂

Okay, so, if you want me to draw your portrait…

  • Type – Would you like a Poptropican Portrait, Adventure Time Portrait, or AT Lumpy Portrait?
  • Name – What would you like your name to be? If you don’t say, I will use the name that you comment with.
  • Caption (Only for Poptropican Portraits) – If you want a Poptropican Portrait (“Proud to be” series), what do you want to be proud of?
  • Picture – I need your username or some picture of your Poptropican to draw.
  • Symbol – If you want a Lumpy Portrait, what symbol do you want on your forehead? You can have a star, crescent moon, or nothing. FYI: Stars are for the royal family, moons are for royal advisers/helpers/butlers/etc, and nothing is for… everyone else.

Well, thanks for viewing everyone! 😀


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