Bad Timing – Lemonhope – Billy’s Bucket List

Okay, okay, okay! I’m sorry about missing last week’s AT update. We’ve lost some authors and I’ve been busy. Let’s just get right to it.

The episode Bad Timing was about LSP, a guy named Johnny, and time travel. Throughout the episode, there was an… alternate dimension type thing surrounding the screen. It looked like this:

bad timing 1

It kinda annoyed me because it was a smaller screen for the actual storyline, but what happened in the dimension was interesting. Especially towards the end of the episode. As you can see in the picture above, Johnny appeared in this “alternate dimension” after being transported in the time bubble without being recorded previously. I don’t know about you, but I want to learn more about this in a future episode. 🙂

Onto the episode Lemonhope! It was previously called Lemonhope Story, so you may have heard it titled that instead. It was also in two parts. I personally feel that, even though he saved his people, Lemonhope is pretty much a jerk. He only helped his people to clear his conscious! However, the main thing I was thinking about during the show was the actual timeline. As Lemonhope grew, it seemed that PB and Finn didn’t grow. At least not as much. Heck, I’m still confused about Lemongrab 2 still being alive or not. Lemongrab 1 has died a lot, but has always somehow come back. At the end of the 30 minute special, Lemonhop was very old and he came back to his original Lemon Kingdom. Although, we never saw if anyone was there. In fact, it somewhat looked deserted. Has everyone died or left? What happened? Weird…


Okay! Now, there has been a lot of confusion about if we are in Season 5 or Season 6 of Adventure Time. The answer is… we are still in Season 5. Usually, seasons last between 20 and 30 episodes long. However, the Creators have confirmed that Season 5 is a “double season.” It has twice the amount of episodes. Some people call the double amount episodes Season 5.2. 😛

Hopefully, the confusion will end soon. Mostly because… the next episode is the Season finale. 😯 Hold on…

*Walks away from computer* NOOOO!!!!! I can’t wait for more episodes of Adventure Time!!! What will I do with my life!!! *Walks back to computer*

Sorry about that. Anyway, the episode is called Billy’s Bucket List. It’s about how “Finn finds the hero Billy’s bucket list and decides to complete the unfinished items as a final tribute.” If you’re confused, Billy died as a result of the Lich’s possession of him. Here is the short preview:

Not much, I know. Thankfully, we have the long preview to check out:

Who is that tall girl??? I got’s’ta know!!!! Time to look at the sneak peek I found: (WARNING: Spoiler!)

Ooooooooh! The tall girl is Billy’s ex-girlfriend! Looks like this episode might have some drama and some real sad moments. 😦

billy's bucket list

Well, that raps up the AT updates I have right now. Se ya later guys! 😉



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