Survival Eps. 1 for All, Atlantis for Members! And…..

Today is a big day in the Poptropica world!




The first episode of Survival is now available for everyone, and the first episode of Mission Atlantis is available for members!


I have played Mission Atlantis already, but I won’t say anything about it until later. Perhaps a review will be coming your way?

Also, on a side note, I found something peculiar. When going to the Poptropica Store, there are 2 new items for members, that haven’t been announced yet on the Creator’s blog.

Image                                Image


They have to do with Mythology Island, and I’m guessing maybe they weren’t supposed to be released until Mythology Island comes out new and improved?


I got both of them, and here is what the Cyclops costume looks like on me!


The costume comes with one red eye, fangs, a club, and a sheep tied to your back!


I also checked the Mythology page, and it is updated like the “new and improved” islands are! A desktop and wallpaper posters are now available! Here is the link to get them:


Don’t forget to look at your rank after you have completed either episode! 




non-members: enjoy surviving the Yukon Winter! 🙂

members: enjoy plunging into the deep waters and under covering a mystery! 🙂

Have a good weekend!



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