WARNING: Protect Your Poptropicans!

Art - Hacker

HPuterpop has informed us that your Poptropica account might be in danger! Many accounts have been reported stolen, including a well known blogger, Pixel. He couldn’t log in with his regular password and he found that his character’s costume had been changed. Now, Pixel’s password was very complicated, so it’s not like anyone could randomly guess it. Thankfully, Pixel/Nice Dragon bot his account back by contacting the Poptropica Creators.

Just be prepared. You might want to make your password more complicated, making it harder to hack. You might also want to be logged in at all times to prevent password changes made by hackers.

Hopefully, these incidents will soon stop.


2 thoughts on “WARNING: Protect Your Poptropicans!

  1. Well, I don’t know about always being logged in, because you can log into your account 3 times at once but okay…

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