Theories & Thoughts: Poptropica Con, Mission Atlantis


Hello Everyone! I haven’t done a theory in a while, and I have seen some interesting sneak peeks that I want to look more closely at.  This is the most recent sneak peek. Now, right away, I knew what it was showing: Comic Con. You can read on the banners “CO”, “CON”, and “CC”,  and it even says “This is serious business. Nothing comical about it.” Something’s up with this, but I don’t know what….. Image These next two connect with the theory above. They show 4 poptropicans wearing home-made costumes about something they are interested in. Sound like something familiar? (Psst- comic con is the same thing) The costumes look like: the work-out robot from Game Show Island, the astronaut from Lunar Colony, Binary Bard and Fire Dragon from Astro Knights. (Those last two are my favorites) ImageImage  I think one of the upcoming islands, is something to do with Comic Con, but mixed with Poptropica. (Poptropica-Con?) Hopefully, if I’m right, these costumes will be customizable, because I think they look really cool. I wonder what other islands may be included? The next sneak peek is what I think is part of the later episodes of Mission Atlantis. Here’s why: notice the skeleton-fossil-insect thing in the faded pinkish-purple container to the right of the picture? Image  The caption gives a clue to what it is: trilobite. Sure enough, when I googled trilobite, here’s what came up.  Image  See? It’s the same thing as in the picture! It even says “extinct marine anthropod”, meaning it lived in the ocean. (A clue to Mission Atlantis) Below are just some extra sneak peeks I think go with Mission Atlantis. Image Image Image Image


What do you think of these theories? Comment below!



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