Dream Island Recap

Sorry that we didn’t post too much about the winners of the Create Your Dream Island contest (none of us were crying over a bowls of ice cream), but don’t fret! A recap is here now.

The big winner, creator of a soon to come islands, was… Arabian Nights Island, submitted by Sarah S. from South Carolina!

The pitch: On Arabian Nights Island, Poptropicans go on a quest across the desert to rescue a sultan’s genie from the Forty Thieves.

Why we liked it: Everyone who saw Sarah’s entry — from our friends at Penguin, to the creative team at Poptropica led by Jeff Kinney — said the same thing. Between the characters, the setting, the storyline, and the gameplay, Sarah’s entry came to us sounding exactly like an Island we’d put together. It’s a classic tale, inspired by one of the oldest storytelling traditions in the world, and yet one we’d never thought about doing before.

It didn’t sound too bad to me, but definitely not a top favorite either. Still, great job Sarah! Read more about the island here.

1st runner-up goes to… Bikes Vs. Boards Island, submitted by Tori V. of Texas!

The pitch: Poptropicans try to stop the constant fighting between the bikers and surfers before anyone gets hurt.

Why we liked it: Tori’s Island idea had a great setting — a beach in the 1960s — and lots of fun ideas for gameplay. (Who wouldn’t want to surf and ride a motorcycle?) We also liked the message about helping two rival groups to understand that their differences aren’t as important as what they have in common.

To be honest, I don’t really like this idea too much. Tori claims that she “got the idea from a movie I was watching that day” and that sounds to me like she was watching Disney’s Teen Beach Movie and copied the entire plot. Plus, I’m not the only one who is skeptical about this… Either way, she caught the Creators’ attention. Read more about the idea here.

2nd runner-up goes to… Fashion Crisis Island, submitted by Elsa W. of Illinois!

The pitch: When you’re on Fashion Crisis Island, you must recover a stolen line of clothes for a very famous designer right before an important show.

Why we liked it: Costumizing is one of the most popular things to do on Poptropica, and yet we’ve never made an Island based entirely around using the Costumizer. Elsa’s idea presented a lot of opportunities to let players create new costumes. It was also set in the the 1940s, which we haven’t done before, and featured some famous fashion icons as characters.

This is a cool idea and all, but it is aimed more for girls. I bet a lot of guys weren’t too thrilled about it (neither was I though). XD Good job anyway Elsa! Costumizing can be addicting! Read more about the idea here.

3rd runner-up goes to… Golden Mustache Island, submitted by Emma T. of New Jersey!

The pitch: On Golden Mustache Island, people look for where the golden mustache is and who took it.

Why we liked it: Emma’s idea brought a smile to everyone’s face even before they read about the giant mustache monster. This was a unique and wonderful entry, and we absolutely loved it. Truthfully, we weren’t sure we could do it justice!

Uh, very unique! It definitely made me smile, but it just seems a little cheesy. I find the whole “mustache” craze overused. An entire island based off of this would be totally random and not really enjoyable for me. Still, interesting thoughts Emma! Read more about the idea here.

4th runner-up goes to… House of Cards Island, submitted by Joel B. of Ohio!

The pitch: In Card Kingdom, the Ace of Hearts has been stolen from the Heart Kingdom. The King and Queen of Hearts need your help to find it before there is a war.

Why we liked it: Joel’s vision of the “Card Kingdom” sounded like an incredibly fun place for us to design. He sent an additional sheet with several characters, as well as descriptions of the traits of each card suit. It was some impressive world building!

Now THAT is an island I would like! Out of all the entries the Creators chose, this is by far my favorite. Upon reading about it, I got reminded of Alice in Wonderland and thought of all the possibilities this island could lead to. Amazing work Joel. Read more about the idea here. For a more in-depth, behind the scenes look (from the creator himself), go to the PHB’s post on the subject.

5th runner up goes to… Pharaoh’s Fantasies Island, submitted by Calloway B. of Kentucky!

The pitch: In my Island, Poptropicans would enter the mind of King Tutankhaman, and defeat the gods of Egypt.

Why we liked it: Calloway’s wasn’t the only entry that dealt with Ancient Egypt in some way, but the twist — going inside the mind of the Pharaoh — was inspired. Calloway also suggested some very colorful characters and monsters for the player to battle. It was easy to see how Pharaoh’s Fantasies would make a fantastic Island!

Many people had the Ancient Egypt theme, so it didn’t really stand out to me, but it was still clever. Sadly, Calloway hasn’t said anything else about his idea.

6th runner-up goes to… Prehistoric Island, submitted by Sofia W. of Illinois!

The pitch: A paleontologist built a time portal to study living dinosaurs, but something went wrong and now dinosaurs are coming into the 21st century. Poptropicans must reassemble the time portal and send them back.

Why we liked it: Sofia wasn’t the only person to send us an idea about dinosaurs, but hers stood apart in two ways. First, she had the dinosaurs coming into the present day, which is a fun twist. Second, Sofia reached out to two real-life paleontologists, Jack Horner and Larry Witmer, to ask if she could include them as characters on her Island — and they both said yes! Way to go the extra mile, Sofia!

Again, a popular choice. At first I thought it was going to be another Jurassic Park, but the way it was worded just plain appealed to me. Nice work Sofia! Read more about the idea here.

7th runner-up goes to… Shakespeare Island, submitted by Kailey W. of Minnesota!

The pitch: Players help Shakespeare put on a Romeo and Juliet play. Players sign up to be an actor, backstage organizer, or costume designer. But during the show, another actor gets stage fright and players will have to dress up and sing the song.

Why we liked it: First of all, who doesn’t love the Bard? Second, from the costumes to the scenery, this would be an excellent setting for a Poptropica Island. Last but not least, Kailey’s idea to let the player take on one of a few different roles would be an interesting game mechanic for us to explore. This was a very well thought-out entry!

I feel that Poptropica would put a good twist on Shakespeare’s classic, so I liked this idea. Not a favorite, yet still enjoyable. Interesting work Kailey! Read more about the idea here.

8th runner-up goes to… Space Bar Island, submitted by Naomi P. of North Carolina!

The pitch: On Space Bar Island, you’re trapped in the newest computer, the “Lap Life,” and you meet who’s really running the internet.

Why we liked it: Cyberpunk is another underserved genre on Poptropica. The idea of seeing the internet from the inside-out is a great one, and Naomi took it to the next level with a terrific villain: a pixelated woman called “Mother Board,” who controls the entire internet!

This modern idea seemed really cool to me. The thought of going inside the web is fascinating. Wonderful entry Naomi! Read more about the idea here.

9th runner-up goes to… Stormchaser Island, submitted by Laura S. of Virginia!

The pitch: Your Poptropican travels alongside one of Poptropica’s most famous meteorologists and tracks a dangerous series of storms.

Why we liked it: “This is gold,” someone said when reading Laura’s entry, and nobody disagreed. What an exciting idea! In Stormchaser Island, players would travel the hemisphere trying to discover the source of increasingly powerful storms. Our sound effects team would love to take on this challenge!

Not a favorite, but it still caught my eye. The music that would go into this exciting adventure would have been excellent. Awesome island Laura! Read more about the idea here.

10th runner-up goes to… Symphony Island, submitted by Erika M. of Nebraska!

The pitch: Karl Notune hates music — and has an evil plan! It’s up to you to save the music before it’s too late!

Why we liked it: Now that we have music and sound effects on Poptropica, it’s a great idea to make a whole Island about music. Erika suggested that players would be able to play many different instruments — including piano, saxophone, and drums — and gave us a funny villain in “Karl Notune.” This entry rocked!

First of all, I love the villain’s name (Notune, get it? XD ). Second of all, with Poptropica’s sound update, this is a really cool idea. I play the piano myself and think I would certainly enjoy a musical island experience. Read more about the idea here.

To all of our winners, spectacular job! 😀

To all of our curious viewers… you wanna see MY entry? 😎 Well, I remember the general idea of it, so here it goes…

My entry was called Shattered Island and took place around New York. Basically, a villain named Terranova (Terra, meaning land) got upset because her life was so chaotic and unstable. She was always unhappy and so she wanted everyone to feel her pain by making the entire island’s land unstable. She creates a device that separates the land into multiple islands, ripping property a part. Your job is to put all the pieces back together, reuniting the town’s people. Along the way you meet a paperboy, who knows the quickest paths around the island. He follows you throughout the quest, giving you helpful advice.

Other characters you meet include Macavity, (a homeless man who used to be a famous Broadway performer, but is now delusional and still wears his cat outfit) tourists (who get separated from the rest of their family), and the snooty Metro worker (a teenager who lost her phone during the commotion).

Meanwhile, Terranova is watching the chaos safely from Liberty island. She is confused about what is right and what is wrong and is the only one who knows how to reunite the land.

I also drew a picture of Terranova (human version) while I was inspired. It may look a little bright from scanning it onto the computer. 🙂

Art - Terranova


So, what are your favorite entries? Do you like my idea? 😛


11 thoughts on “Dream Island Recap

  1. I actually really like Arabian Nights Island, though that’s probably just because it is my culture. I didn’t really like the idea for House of Cards Island, but Shakespeare Island and Space Bar Island really seemed awesome!

  2. I really like your idea, SD! The main character’s name is really clever, too. I think it would have been really fun to play that island. :] I’m sure yours made the top 50!

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