Mission Atlantis: Fortress of the Deep coming out tomorrow and Lumpy Space Prince

Hey guys, I know I haven’t been very inactive for the past 20 days or so in the Poptropica blogging community. Well, this post is about to change that. 😛 The title is very self-explanatory though, so I don’t have much details to work with. I just happened to come across it on Poptropica’s Google+ page. I don’t know if they posted it on the Creator’s Blog yet. The synopsis for this episode is: In the second part of your Mission Atlantis adventure, you’ll explore a mysterious doorway at the bottom of the sea and try to find a way inside. That last sentence right there was just quoted from their post on Google+. Just so y’all know, episode 2 will be available to members. So, if you want to play it right when it comes out, I recommend that you get membership. Or wait. I usually wait.

Whoo get pumped! :3

-Brave Sky

P.S. Since this is an Adventure Time blog as well, and no one else has posted about it yet, I will. 😛 You guys must have seen the trailer for the new Fionna and Cake episode that airs tomorrow? Yes, tomorrow. In the new Fionna and Cake episode, a new character is introduced…



Guess who?

…*whispers* It’s Lumpy Space Prince. :3

Just look at all dat fabulousness. Just look at it. 😛

Okay, I think this is actually the end of this post. Well, see ya.


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