The Beautiful Game of Football

No, not American football. 😛 I really don’t understand why us Americans call it soccer instead of football like the rest of the world does anyway. I didn’t make this post just so I could talk about soccer/football. There is a new card on Poptropica that lets you customize from eight different outfits to celebrate the game!

I would love to have these outfits, but the thing is… They’re only for members. Oh well. These outfits have the national colors of the eight best soccer/football teams in the world! Or at least still competing in The World Cup. I think. These look really cool!


For those of you who are watching the World Cup, who are you guys rooting for?


4 thoughts on “The Beautiful Game of Football

  1. AR-GEN-TI-NA let’s go! AR-GEN-TI-NA let’s go! I’m supporting Argentina, if you couldn’t already tell.

  2. Let’s go Brazil!! And about the part at the top, I think they named it soccer because of American football. Even though “soccer” was first. And you don’t use your feet in football. I don’t know. America’s confusing. Americans are more confusing.

  3. Costa Rica!!!! Yay!!! 😀 😀

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    ~Winston Churchill and random lady some random restaurant


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