Comic-Con Commotion!

Comic-Con has arrived in San Diego yet again, and Cartoon Network is there to help celebrate! For those of you who don’t exactly know what this event is, it’s a huge convention where you can meet all the people from your favorite shows, books, etc. So for the people who are going and for the people who just want to feel involved, here is some more info on what’s happening.

comicon 1

Cartoon Network Booth (#3735)

You can find the crew at their booth Thursday through Sunday (24-27). Plus, you can go to awesome panels where crew from specific shows talk  about behind the scenes stuff, upcoming episodes, etc. Here is the schedule:

10:00 am on Friday July 25 – Clarence and Uncle Grandpa panel
11:00 am on Friday July 25 – Adventure Time panel
10:00 am on Saturday July 26 – Steven Universe panel
11:00 am on Saturday July 26 – Regular Show panel
All 4 panels are at the Hilton Bayfront

Oooh, that second one sounds fun… sadly I’m not going.

Anyway, you can also get some sweet signed posters at the booth!

comicon 2

Oh my gosh I’m dying over here! XD To see the rest of the posters, click here.

Okay, now LSP needs help finding a date for the Princess Ball and needs your help, if you’re attending Comic-Con! Fans can visit all of the AT merch booths and help LSP find her dream date in a 2014 Adventure Time ConQuest! Hehehe… I see what they did there. Everyone participating needs to follow the secret text-messaged clues (I’m assuming you can find out more at the event), visit booths with the coolest AT swag, and just have fun! No need to stress. 😉

Don’t forget, each booth has special incentives and rebates for totally mathematical Adventure Time products.

When you finish the ConQuest you earn a lumpin’ awesome, exclusive“Oh My Glob!” medallion. And if you bring medals you earned from 2012 (Jake) and 2013 (Ice King), along with the LSP medal, to The New Children’s Museum redemption center, you will earn a triple-threat award! How mathematical would that be??? You can not comprehend how lumpin’ jelly I am right now. 😛

comicon 3

More Comic-Con updates are on your way!



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