CDO 10 Part 2 – Prize 1

*Dramatic music* You have waited… and now… the 1st prize of the CDO 10 Part 2… is here…

CDO 10 - Part 2 - Hint 2

If you guessed correctly on this one, congrats! The prize is… a Wonderful Websites page! 😀

This page is basically going to be a directory of awesome sites that would appeal to all you adventuring Poptropicans.

Click here to visit the page, learn more about it, and tell us what you think! It is also located under the Sweet Stuff page.



5 thoughts on “CDO 10 Part 2 – Prize 1

  1. I love the picture of Dr. Hare btw 😛 If I link back (You know I would either way, I just say I will extra-ly, so that way I can keep typing without looking and bugging my sister 😛 ), could I put that on my What The Poptropica page? It’s the Funny Pics page of my blog.

    • Well, the actual picture of Dr. Hare is from an old Poptropica wallpaper (which you can easily find by typing ‘poptropica dr. hare wallpaper’ into Google). The picture in the post is the sneak peek from the original CDO 10 Part 2, which I made. I would be more comfortable if you use the old wallpaper instead of my picture. It’s basically the same concept, but it’s funnier and it’s the original (if you know what I mean).

  2. Woah! Awesomeness c: 😛 I have a question before I waste your time and accidentally spam the comments on that page… Do you have to OWN or be ON the blog that you would like to add to the Directory?

    ~~Nameless Duct Taping the Lamp.

    • Yes, you have to own the site if you want to add it, UNLESS it is a big site like Club Penguin. You have to get the owner’s permission if it is a blog you don’t own. 😉

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