“Landing” at Comic-Con: Sneak Peeks, Songs, Upcoming Apps, & More!

Whoa… did you feel that? Twas if the very earth began to shake! And on that note…

The next version of Poptropica Land is coming next week, exclusively for members. It will still be an alpha, but it was rebuilt based on our feedback, so it should have a whole lot more awesome in store for us! 🙂

-Moving to AT news-

Okay, now most of us may be missing Comic-Con, but don’t be too down in the dumps about it because we are going to try our best to bring you the inside scoop in the comfort of your own home.

For example… the AT panel showed a totally mathematical sneak peek of an upcoming episode called Joshua and Margaret Investigations. See what life was like for the crime solving couple, before Jake and Jermaine were born (and before they adopted Finn).

Sounds interesting… This epic episode will air on August 14. And while we’re talking about interesting sounds and Comic-Con in general, Olivia Olson (Marceline) and Jeremy Shada (Finn) put on an amazing performance at this year’s AT panel. They teamed up, and on the spot, sang the famous Fry Song. Check it!

Nice singing skills. Who else in the Land of Ooo has recently shown off some mad musical talent… oh yeah! Cartoon Network posted this video of Ice King busting out some… odd lyrics a couple of days ago.

Even though CN posted it, it looks like it might be fan made to me. Considering he called Gridface Princess “Orange Princess” in the song. However, that is an honest mistake, considering that was once planned to be her name. I also couldn’t find the video on Cartoon Netowork’s YouTube channel. Hmm, oh well. 😛

Anyway, I say we move on to new apps, coming soon. For all CN fans, not just you adventurers, here is an awesome taste of fame:

Will you be sending in a video? If that’s just not your kind of app, don’t worry! For you adventurers, princesses, vampires, etc. here is the game for you.

“Time Tangled,” huh? Totally a Poptropica vibe there. XD Once we get more info, such as the release date, we’ll be sure to tell ya.

Plus, be on the lookout for all new 2014 shows! “Are you CN, what we’re sayin’?


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