Week of Wonder

survivalWe already know that Mission Atlantis Ep. 3 (Out of the Blue) is coming out this week, along with the updated Poptropica Land. Those things are great and all for members, but what about all the other Poptropicans? Worry no more!

Survival Ep. 4 (Cabin Fever) will be out for everyone on Thursday! πŸ˜€

Now in other news, many blogs have already mentioned this and finally we will. πŸ˜› The Creators’ Blog slightly changed layout a while ago, so here is what is looks like now (click to enlarge).


Looks simple enough, huh? But wait… whats…? (click to enlarge)

ds game

ds game originalThat doesn’t look right… There is only one Poptropica DS game out and this is the cover. ➑

Does this mean we will see a new DS game soon? Hopefully we will find out soon! πŸ˜‰



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