Poptropica Land/Lab Review


I don’t know about everyone else, but I really enjoyed the new version of Poptropica Land/Labs. This post is going to walk you through the features of the updated Land and share my opinions of each of them.

Graphics & Sound

The graphics are pretty good, but let’s just say that you can tell that it’s not a finished product. A lot of the times you may fall through platforms and walk through walls. The music was peaceful, and a good match for the island, but I do admit it got kinda old after a while. 😉

Story linePopLand Journal 1

I absolutely loved that the land was practically it’s own island altogether. It had a captivating back story and I was a little depressed that I couldn’t piece clues together and earn a medallion (although I wasn’t expecting to do so, so no big deal). XD This brings up the fact that we learn about other magical items, besides the hammer that we acquire. We also never find the man who came to the island in search of the hammer, or even his remains. All that was left was his raft. Will these items in question ever appear in the future of Poptropica? To be honest, I kinda hope so. 😛

Items, Tools, & BiomesPopLand Items

This includes the health and Poptanium bars.

The selection of items for PopLand was pretty good in my opinion. The main thing I think should have been included was doors. Other than that, the items were simple and useful, nothing too special. Although, I did find the pink crystals interesting. Mainly because I wasn’t exactly sure what they were. What is your opinion on them?

The health bar wasn’t really a big deal, considering there were no monsters around. But it was helpful for getting back to the boat. XD The Poptanium bar wasn’t a big deal either. As soon as I landed and acquired the hammer, I immediately gathered all the Poptanium I needed to unlock all the items and biomes. After that, it’s just kinda pointless.

The biomes were pretty cool and I liked how they each had their own style, though I would have liked a wider variety. They covered the basic layouts, but I felt they didn’t have… something. I don’t know exactly what though. What do you think?

GlitchesPopLand Journal 2

The main glitch I found to be annoying was falling through floors and walls. However, without the slight glitch, I feel that a lot of the stuff I built wouldn’t have worked. For example I had many paths you were suppose to take in my land that involved going behind things in the foreground. Either way, I thought it wasn’t extremely annoying, and actually useful at times. 🙂

Saving, Sharing, Loading

This has to be my favorite feature. When you finish creating your unique world, you can save it as a file, thus being able to share it with friends (you can load it on any account with access to PopLand). This really helped me because when I first finished my land I really liked it, but I wasn’t sure if it was featuring worthy. I shared it with a friend and apparently it was awesome, which kinda boosted my confidence! 😀

There is one thing I was really disappointed in though… you could share the world, but not the experience. What do I mean by that? I mean that it would have been even more amazing if you could join the world with your friends! Yes! Being in the land at the same time and being able to interact with your friends. That is my number one want for Poptropica Lands.


Overall, I was very impressed with the new Lab. It was much better than the original and much smoother. I probably didn’t cover everything I wanted to, but you probably get the gist and hopefully you had as much fun with the land as I did. 🙂

Plus, be on the lookout for HPuterpop’s (former ATP author, current PHB author) video walkthrough on Poptropica Land, which features my own land! :mrgreen: We will try to post it, or edit it into this post when it comes out.



10 thoughts on “Poptropica Land/Lab Review

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  2. A suggestion- What if we had a page to add our PopLand files, for all to see/explore? Actually, I’m not sure how the sharing thing works. If other people click on your file, can they edit your world?

    • When you share a file, they can edit it and save a new version of the file, but since it saves to your computer, not an online database, the original will stay the same. Although I rather not put up a page for it. PopLands might not be here forever and I think most people want to keep their land private, just showing pictures to the public.

  3. I didn’t think about co-op building. That would be awesome! I agree, doors would have been nice. The pink crystal is my favorite building material- especially the sound it makes when jumped on. 😛 I agree that after unlocking everything, the Poptanium is not very useful, but I am guessing that more materials/biomes will be coming soon! I was disappointing that the story about the guy and his journal kind of just…. disappeared. I want to know more about the story. Did you notice that two of the features are gone in PopLands? 1.The camera to take a picture to send to the Creators and 2. The survey. I think that they need to make another survey, if they want to improve it even more.

  4. Wow, this new lands looks awesome based on your review and the pictures! 😛 I can’t wait to play it! 😀

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